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  1. Been wearing my ADGs while playing on vacation this week and must say the are extremely comfortable. Haven’t walked 18 in them yet (carts only on vacation) but I can see where the plastic bit on the heel can be an issue if your socks won’t stay up. Besides that I am loving them and may have to get another pair or two for when I wear these out!
  2. I love my Mil-Spec, great feel. Also those Artisan putters have certainly caught my eye
  3. I currently play the Nike VPCs and these seem to have a similar muscle shape, while the blade length maybe shorter. What are your thoughts on the Blueprints vs VPCs?
  4. Currently playing the Nike VPCs that have a pretty similar shape to the BPs I must say... anyway can orders be taken for say 6 or 7-PW? How do you guys think a blended set might work with these? I can see much less offset but the overall head shape seems similar
  5. Using a Scotty Cameron Mil-Spec, 340g head at 34” and love the feel (especially on my multiple par saves this past weekend!)
  6. > @bdawg983 said: > Anyone that picked them up before from Golf Poser or Function 18 know how they run size wise? I wear a 10 Nike running shoes and they fit true to size, I maybe could’ve gone to a 9.5 in the ADG if I wanted a more snug fit but the 10s fit fine.
  7. With these being similar in shape to the Vapor Pros and Vapor Pro Combos, is anyone thinking about a combo set with these and the combos in the longer irons? May have to test them when demos are out, but that price tag is killer!
  8. First set of clubs I played were Hogan Radials (Driver through E) and still have them in the basement. Have been debating trying out the new Ft Worth White, but I’ve heard they aren’t the same quality as the old forgings. Can anyone comment on the quality of the new Ft Worth’s?
  9. 5 for me! - Cobra driver and 3 wood - TaylorMade SLDR hybrid (if I use it) - Nike irons - Vikey wedges - Scotty putter
  10. I'm looking on the site, and it appears the clubs can ship as early as 7/12/2019, but the TV cord grips are what delay it to 9/18/2020. Quite a long time, but if people really want the irons like Tiger I'm sure they will wait for them, or just order with different grips and replace with the TV cord. I unfortunately don't have the cash to get them, especially considering I just got some VPCs this past season! Will definitely look for a set eventually though...
  11. For anyone that has the white Air Max, how do you find keeping them white? I have the Vapor Pros and simply can wipe them with a wet paper towel to clean the dirt off and haven’t had any issues with turning green yet, is the care for the Air Max similar?
  12. Going to revisit this topic as I am likely going to get a new grip for this season, is the Dancing Cameron Cord the same as the old Titleist Full Cord grip? Or at least similar in terms of size, shape, and weight?
  13. Hoboken, NJ Handicap: 15 Current Irons: Nike Vapor Pro Combos I would love to test the new PTx Pro irons! My first irons I played were the Hogan forged Radials about 6 years ago and would love to try the modern incarnation of the legendary Hogan name!
  14. Finally got the new driver and 3 wood in play yesterday for the first round of the year, easy going round with some friends who have never played so did not keep score. Nonetheless hit some amazing drives with the new F9 and am excited for the season!! Details on the new sticks: Driver: Standard 9* setting, Atmos TS Blue 6S stiff 3 wood: Standard 14.5* setting, Atmos TS Blue 7S stiff
  15. What were the shoes Tiger was wearing during the practice round yesterday? I may be behind on my Nike shoes but my friend keeps asking me and I’d love to figure it out for him!
  16. Looks like Ben Hogan has decided to enter the putter market with 4 different carbon steel precision milled heads and super stroke grips stock. What do you guys think? https://benhogangolf.com/collections/precision-milled-putters
  17. I am looking into indoor practice mats as well, why do you not like the birdie ball?
  18. I saw some good reviews on the Birdie Ball greens and see they have a cheaper option. The thing I like about the cheaper ones is the returning of the golf balls, but if these are of significantly better quality I can likely pass on that feature. They describe how they have different speeds, even into the grain/with the grain, would this be a better option? https://www.birdieball.com/1-x-10-stance-mat-package/
  19. Hi everyone, I am finally moving into my own place, only problem is that it will have minimal access to golf courses. So I would like to purchase a basic putting mat so I can improve my stroke for the upcoming season. Are putting mats relatively close in speed to real (muni) greens? I have been looking at the two below, thanks for the advice! https://m.golfgalaxy.com/p/maxfli-9-x-12-putting-system-16maxumxfltptt12xtrn/16maxumxfltptt12xtrn?uniqueID=2162275 https://www.dallasgolf.com/sklz-accelerator-pro-portable-putting-mat-putter-training/
  20. I'll second this... especially with the Red Cord... they are very easy to track down... i've got 5 in reserve Thanks for the advice on the Cord grips! I am looking to try a rubber grip (the No Cords are $100+ on eBay... yikes) but I may just stick to a cord grip at this point. Do you find the red to be distracting compared to black?
  21. The heavier pistolini grip for example would make the head feel lighter? I’m not very well-versed in swing weight.
  22. Hi guys, question for the more seasoned Scotty users out there. The Mil-Spec I recently got and immediately fell in love with (thanks Casey!) has the original Titleist Full Cord girp on it, which I quite like despite the fact it has seen better days. I am looking at trying out the Pistolero and Pistolini to compare the rubber grips to the Full Cord. I am wondering which of the rubber grips is more similar in shape/size to the Full Cord I currently use? It seems the Pistolero is more of an axe handle shape and different to the Pistolini/Cord shape, I just want to be sure. Also, what about the new Pistolero Plus that is on the Phantom X putters? Thanks for the help!
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