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  1. Hi guys, question for the more seasoned Scotty users out there. The Mil-Spec I recently got and immediately fell in love with (thanks Casey!) has the original Titleist Full Cord girp on it, which I quite like despite the fact it has seen better days. I am looking at trying out the Pistolero and Pistolini to compare the rubber grips to the Full Cord. I am wondering which of the rubber grips is more similar in shape/size to the Full Cord I currently use? It seems the Pistolero is more of an axe handle shape and different to the Pistolini/Cord shape, I just want to be sure. Also, what about the new Pistolero Plus that is on the Phantom X putters? Thanks for the help!
  2. I just got mine midway through this season and couldn’t be happier with the performance! Excited to get them dialed in when this season finally starts in a few months...
  3. Love the JYD dog headcover, may have to send my Mil-Spec in for some adjustments and a new grip earlier than I thought... wish they kept the S with the grown shaft bands available those looked sweet!
  4. http://www.golfwrx.com/forums/topic/1719652-gary-woodlands-new-wilson-irons/ Tons of info in this thread on them!
  5. Love the 58 around the green, green side bunkers and short pitch shots (less than 50 yards), and good of the rough too. The M grind allows me to open the face if needed which is nice because I use high soft shots a lot around the green!
  6. you can have them put the cobra connect in a tour velvet. it is an option when you build your club on their website. This is what I plan on doing, but I cannot buy extra Tour Velvets with Connect to install on my irons so I will only be able to use the Arccos for clubs ordered from Cobra.
  7. Yes. The connect grip can be used on your irons. If all your clubs have them you can track all your different club distances. I understand that if I have the Connect grips on all of them then I can use the system. The problem is they don’t sell Tour Velvet’s with the Connect system that I could install on my irons and wedges. If I were to only have Connect grips on my driver and 3 wood, is it possible to use the system to track those two clubs only?
  8. What are everyone’s thoughts on the Cobra Connect? I am getting an F9 driver and fairway and would prefer tour velvet grips to be consistent with my irons. I thought about buying Connect enabled tour velvets to replace my current iron grips but they don’t sell them separately. Is the connect system even usable without a full bag?
  9. Had a fitting yesterday so figured I would post my bag in its current form for the last time, the XR is definitely being replaced by an F9 that should be on the way soon, the Burner may take some effort to kick out but the F9 fairway felt real good yesterday! Some details on the rest of my equipment: - Nike Vapor Pro Combo 3-PW with Dynamic Gold S300 Pros - Vokey 50.08F, 54.14F, 58.08M with Dynamic Gold S200s - Scotty Cameron Mil-Spec 340g 34"
  10. F9 Black/Avalanche 9° Right Handed Atmos TS Blue 6S Stiff 0.5” short Standard Grip Tour Velvet Standard +1 wrap of tape Just got fitted today so maybe I can hold out on buying!
  11. Got fitted today for the F9 driver at 9° slightly delofted and 3-4 fairway with the Fujikura Atmos TS Blue 6S and 7S respectively. Coming from a Callaway XR non-fitted driver and a steel shafted 3 wood from 1996 I’m excited for the potentially new sticks. I saw a significant increase in performed from the old 3 wood (obviously), and a slight increase in driver distance and lower spin despite how poor my swings were today. How are the F9s performing on the course?
  12. Gathering some info from the comments section on Wilson’s Instagram, stock Dynamic Gold shafts with “Upcharges for other shafts”. Lofts are: 2i: 18° 3i: 20° 4i: 23° 5i: 26° 6i: 30° 7i: 34° 8i: 38° 9i: 42° PW: 46°
  13. Rick Shiels just posted some beauties of pictures on his Instagram and it appears on the course, hopefully full review coming soon!
  14. so what you're saying is that you have one to sell.... I’ve thought about selling it a few times but I figured people on BST would know they were $89, so I’d get $50 low balls, and by the time I shipped it, that $2.93 profit wasn’t worth the hassle of listing it haha Oh I’m sure you wouldn’t get low balled for that beauty of a bag!
  15. Despite what some may say, I can’t say they’re the ugliest putters out there. The sight lines and the neon I think are what really turn people off. If he put just a singular sight line like that first T12 Prototype (which I actually think is a good look) and colored it white on all the models, I think they’d get a better reception.
  16. Absolutely beautiful irons! If I was good enough to play them I’m sure I’d pick up a used set...
  17. Basking Ridge, New Jersey Z Grip ALIGN Standard Currently still using the stock tour velvets on my Nike Vapor Pro Combos and want to try something new!
  18. Not allowed because of spam posted an in depth article about them, 3-PW for $1,199.99 with 7-iron loft of 34° and PW loft of 46°. I didn’t see a release date on there but if they have a price point I would hope they come to retail soon! https://Not allowed because of spam.com/first-look-wilson-staff-model-blades/
  19. I can guarantee they don’t feel like butter... We may find out soon how good they feel... because on Wilson’s Instagram they have been posting pictures the last few days of the iron and in the comments have said they will be available at retail! Do you think these will be similar to the FG Tour 100 in terms of feel and performance? And how will they compete with the big OEM players irons?
  20. Are they going to be selling those origins? I don’t see them online or on eBay...
  21. Hi everyone, hope this is in the right place! I got gifted a fitting for Christmas and saw that Club Champion just opened a new location on Stone Street in the Financial District so full bag fittings are 50% off. I am curious if anyone has been to this location yet, or to a club champion in general, and can describe the experience of a full fitting? For reference this is my first real fitting so I hope it to be a good one!
  22. My current WITB, should be changing soon!
  23. My current WITB, should be changing soon!
  24. I am still playing my TaylorMade SLDR 3h at 19° with the stock Fujikura Speeder 82g hybrid shaft. Use it on and off with my Nike VPC 3 iron that I love, depends on the day.
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