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  1. This almost verbatim from Monte: Don't overdo the no turn part. That's really for people who overswing. You do not want to restrict the hip turn at all. And... A few weeks is nothing. Driver is often the last thing to accept the change. Maybe post a video?
  2. Agreed about that fitting. Make sure that you stand in a correct posture when you're fitted too.
  3. Also a left arm bowler (RH bat) but I didn't play enough cricket to blame that on my injury. That was a drunken fight with a lamppost 25 years ago!
  4. This is interesting because I cast to 7-7:30. If I go to 8 I feel something clicking out of joint in my left hand from an old injury.
  5. The stampings are definitely on the ropey side with my other Slazenger Hogans, but I kinda like that. Gives them character!
  6. Yes, they do look a little intimidating, but they're quite similar to a JL set I have, so I'm hoping that I'll get on with them.
  7. I've wanted to try them for a while. I loved my Apex Plus set and still game the '99 muscles, so it'll be interesting to see how they compare.
  8. Well, after being a very good boy and not buying anything for a good while, I seem to have just bought a set of Apex FTX (not exactly vintage) and a set of Slazenger Hogan Apex '72s. The 72s are a 2-E set with 1-4 woods. The woods are in a bit of a sorry state, but I'll still hit them.
  9. I think it'll help you to work on it with slower swings and slo-mo reps - especially as you have such a fast action with lots of speed. The good news, as I see it, is that you're clearly a very skilled golfer and this is going to take you to the next level. Monte will probably want you to do that anyway - patience is kinda his thing.
  10. It might do you good to go and read some of the Jim Waldron ASI thread. The arms move out in front of us rather than across the chest (as you've discovered), but it looks like they go across and behind due to the 2D illusion. So, yes, the wrists hinge up and flatten and the arms move out at a 45* angle from the chest as it rotates.
  11. What happens if you swing at 50% speed? Also what happens if you do a few reps of the drill where you set cast A and swing down from there and then try a slow swing? Just thinking of ways to help you break that pattern.
  12. That's a gem that I've never seen before. Thanks!
  13. What happens when you don't pause at the top? It'll be interesting to see what Monte says.
  14. To be fair, I used to be largely caffeine free when I last tried this. It might be more doable now!
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