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  1. I thoroughly recommend Use the Bounce and UTB 2.0. These both contain all the info you need to drop 5 shots a round around the greens.
  2. Great idea in theory, but if you can't hit longer clubs with any accurate how often do you leave that 8 iron distance? I think it's better, and less pressured, to work on a few clubs that you're comfortable with. This is usually 7 to 9 iron. This way you have a range of about 30 yards you can be comfortable in.
  3. From what you've said, it looks a lot like more practice with your iron accuracy would serve you well. It's great to get up and down, but you're missing a lot of greens with clubs you really shouldn't.
  4. Yeah, agreed. These 300 yard par fours are nothing more than a 6 iron wedge/9 iron. Make them as effortless as possible.
  5. You need clubs that fit you. You can't make an athletic swing with clubs that are too short and flat for your stature
  6. Yeah, this. One way ticket to back problems and the uncontrollable lefts.
  7. If you really want to practice these kind of lies you have to either do it on the course or build a wooden ramp that can slide under the mats some ranges use.
  8. How's your backswing? Maybe you have to be OTT because you're in a poor position. If your backswing is good then it's just a case of working hard on the move. Honestly, you don't expect to just nail it immediately, right?
  9. Comparing Christo - a film maker and rank amateur - to those excellent teachers is tantamount to criminal.
  10. Don't play golf swing on the course if you're trying to score. One swing thought that's target biased is best, but it's okay to rehearse one of the NTC moves before a shot. I prefer thoughts like "Make the fastest part of the swing after the ball", or "Complete your swing".
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