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  1. Shorter swings only give you time for cast B. That's the way to go.
  2. Well great, I'm sure he's not at all confused now and Justin Rose clearly has no idea what he's doing. The drill works in conjunction with the pivot. It's a FEEL.
  3. It depends. As long as your right arm is straightening then it's okay, but if your right elbow is coming in closer to your body you're doing it wrong.
  4. The push to 8 that Monte teaches us an exaggeration for people who have huge overswings. Ideally is just a small shoulder turn.
  5. Just take a wedge or nine iron to the range. Nick Faldo literally wore out two 8 irons drilling his swing. If you need to go and hit things hard then make a special range trip just for that.
  6. Arm to 8 is nowhere near parallel. Edit: sorry, I didn't realise you meant left arm parallel.
  7. The aim is for your arm swing and pivot to be correctly synced up because you arrived in a neutral position at P3 and simply turned the shoulders a little from there without any independent arm run off. The length of your swing will be determined by your goal with the shot and your personal flexibility, but I doubt anyone will get much past parallel.
  8. I 100% agree. A solid and neutral backswing just makes golf so much easier. If the best players in the world tend to look the same (outliers apart) then there's a damn good reason for that.
  9. And that's why his back is trashed.
  10. Not a slide. Never ever a slide. Move back behind you and allowing your right leg to straighten as a result of the hip moving back and slightly up.
  11. You can start by allowing your right hip to move in the backswing. No depth at all and you're keeping your right knee way too bent. Start there and then see what happens to your downswing. Loads going on in your downswing, but that right hip/leg is the biggest issue.
  12. There's a massive thread on him in this section.
  13. If you're not in a good position at the top then it's going to be hard to make an effective downswing without getting stuck or adding compensations. That's why the NTC is a step-by-step process. Broomforce kinda presumes a decent backswing.
  14. I know plenty of 80s shooters who are more like a mix of 70s shooters and 90s shooters. There'll be 3 over for 15 holes and have three blowouts with doubles etc.
  15. No. Left arm parallel swings don't give you time for cast A.
  16. See how cramped you are here? That's because you're not giving yourself enough time in transition to get your arms off your chest. Google Justin Rose 3 wood drill and add some of that into your routine. If you can keep your back to the target longer while you drop your arms behind you you'll have more room to rotate freely. Monte's bump, dump and turn video on YouTube will show this move too.
  17. My advice for him to work on P3 swings is primarily to help him build a more functional and neutral full swing. The fact that it'll help his short game is an added bonus.
  18. Okay, with you. That's definitely a good idea when you're trying to break 85. Make golf as simple as possible and commit to the shot.
  19. I Creating an effective left arm parallel swing is effectively a smaller full swing - it contains all the elements of a neutral backswing and improves all golfers. It's also easier to practice because it's less fatiguing. Monte often talks about making 70% of practice these partial swings because the build solid foundations and give us usable shots to play golf with. People tend to overthink distance control and make it too robotic. If you think of these partial swings as underarm throws it becomes easy, or as Monte says "It's about that far" in the same way you toss a ball to a target.
  20. Absolutely disagree. It's easy to control distance with partial swings when you practice them effectively and have decent technique. Every single golfer would drop shots from their cap if they learnt how to hit partial shots well.
  21. Monte recommends the JR drill a lot. I used it in conjunction with cast A. It's perfect for handle pullers if you recognise that it's the arm movement that you're using rather than his wrist conditions.
  22. I've told this story before, but here goes anyway... 20 years ago I'm playing with my buddy and his 11 yo son. I was a bit of a hothead back then and my buddy used to love laughing at me for taking it so seriously. On this occasion I'm playing terrible golf and getting steadily more heated. We tee off on the 10th and Lee, the son, spanks one down the middle. I think I've figured out what I've been doing wrong, so I tee it up and proceed to push cut a 3 iron into the deep rough of the adjacent hole. I'm just about keeping it together as I get to my ball. It's a busy part of the course with tees and greens all around me and I'm feeling deeply embarrassed to be there. My lie isn't that bad, but the ball is perched up a bit, so think I'll take advantage with a hero 5 iron over the trees to the tight green. I steady myself and put a great swing on it... if the ball had been on the turf. The club went right under the ball taking a perfect divot and leaving the ball settled nicely in said divot. I lost my shiz. It was the last straw. I am not proud to admit that I launched my five iron at the nearest silver birch tree that was 20 yards away. The thing about those silver birches is that they're very springy, and they don't like being attacked. The club hit the trunk right in the balance point of the shaft and came straight back at me. The head hit me right in my gentleman's package. I hit the floor like a man who just been hit in the nuts by a dangerous missile, and everyone who saw it burst into laughter. Once I'd picked myself up from the floor and checked that the damage wasn't too bad (to my club and nuts), I laughed too. It broke my mood and I vowed never to take golf so seriously again.
  23. Results are better because you're actually releasing the club. Think of it as a taste of what's to come.
  24. Cast B is used for P3 swings because there isn't time for cast A, but you need cast A if you're going to make full swings because cast B alone will make you too steep. Cast A is going to feel very strange. If it doesn't you ain't doing it.
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