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  1. I ordered a set of TM 770's on 7/26/21 with original ship date to be 9/28/21.... I just received another delay email from TM last night stating the new ship date is 5/5/22... I went online and built the exact set I ordered and it shows ship date of 2/28/22. What in the world is going on at TM? That's 9.5 months from date of order to date of delivery... granted the shafts are KBS $ taper 130's but still that's a ridiculous amount of time for a new set of irons. The way TM operates, they will have a new model of 770's out by the time I receive the ones ordered 5 months ago.
  2. This is all I want from Ping also... looks sooooo good!
  3. Lajitas Golf Resort in Lajitas, TX... Located on the TX/Mexico border just outside Big Bend National Park. They offer golf at Blackjack's Crossing, skeet shooting, horseback riding, zip lines, hiking, and I think even whitewater rafting during certain times of the year.
  4. Your 0211 irons offset is as follows: 4 iron = .235", 5 iron = .195", 6 iron = .165", 7 iron = .130", 8 iron = .095", 9 iron = .070", PW = .050 Gen 2 0311P offsets as follows: 4 iron = .22", 5 iron = .19", 6 iron = .16", 7 iron = .13", 8 iron = .10", 9 iron = .075", PW = .05" Gen 2 0311T offsets as follows: 4 iron = .130", 5 iron = .110", 6 iron = .090", 7 iron = .073", 8 iron = .055", 9 iron = .040", PW = .025" The offset in the 0311P is less than the offset in your 0211's (except for the 8 and 9 iron), however, the difference is so small I doubt you would notice with the naked eye. The 0311T's have quite a bit less offset and if this is the one deciding factor for you, then the T's would be the route to go. Note that the T's also are 1 degree weaker than the P's and your 0211's. If you bent the T's one degree strong to match your current lofts, that would also reduce the offset even further. It might be worth getting fit for irons to see if you could more effectively help your left miss with maybe a flatter lie on the irons or possibly a shorter shaft, but if you are hell bent on the least amount of offset then the T's are what provide that.
  5. I think it's shaft availability. I ordered the same combo 2 weeks ago; p770 with $ taper 130 and the ship date is 9/28/21. Basically 2 month lead time.
  6. What's the significance of 6/18/21? I just had my first kid on 6/18/21...
  7. I play 125 $-tapers in my irons and hi-rev 2.0 in my wedges (stock shaft in my Edel wedges) and have no complaints on the spin rate on the hi-rev 2.0's. In fact I feel they spin quite a bit more than the stock DG shafts in Vokeys.
  8. I played out there several times while I lived in Fort Worth and the course was always in really good shape. Overall I really liked the course and think it's worth the drive to check it out. Hopefully the big freeze didn't negatively affect the course too much.
  9. The LaceLab laces worked well on my AM1G. I received them last night. The new laces are about 1" shorter and slightly wider and thicker than the original Nike laces, but there was no difficulty lacing the shoes with the new laces. I went with the light grey color for my grey AM1G and I feel like they turned out ok. I'm not a sneakerhead at all (rotation consists of 2 pairs of AM1G, 1 pair of ZIT, and 1 pair of AJ4 that don't fit because I ordered them the same size as my ZIT).
  10. Ok. I just ordered a couple pair of 54" flat laces from LaceLab. I'll let you know how they work out in my AM1G's. For only $15 I figure I'll give them a shot. They can't be worse than the stained laces I've got on the shoes currently.
  11. @LBRMGRDid you ever get an answer to this? I'm wanting to replace the laces on my Hot Punch and Wolf Grey AM1G... I think LaceLab is who a lot of people have used, but wanted to see if you got another answer that could be another option.
  12. I've learned my lesson and wear roll tab socks on the first few rounds with new shoes. I started wearing no shows with my ZIT after 3 rounds in them and haven't gotten any blisters. Can't say if I would've had blisters during the first round because I eliminated that possibility with the roll tab socks.
  13. I wear Nike Lunar Vaporstorm when it's wet and muddy. They don't look that great, but they basically have a waterproof sleeve around the shoe that is super easy to wipe off after the round.
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