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  1. Looking for a 62 M grind in the SM8. Tour chrome is preferred, but other finishes could be fine. Any condition would be considered if price reflects. Please send price and pics! thanks
  2. Head only preferred or with x-flex. Please send price and pics!
  3. Looking for new 8-PW heads (or full clubs) in something forged, preferably a players CB. Blades would work as well. No browning on the face. Please send price and pics!
  4. I'll have to answer A. I want to see that guy redeem himself, but it's 100% situation dependent. This specific instance was tough. I think most people like Finau and want to see him win. Its a shame he's had so many top 10's and top 5's without a win recently, so I was pulling for him most of the day. On the other hand, Max had a great story as well, and I was gutted watching that putt lip out. At the end of the day, I would have been happy with either of those guys winning it.
  5. Add another for good experiences with ProClubs. Ordered at least 5 times from them and always pleased.
  6. Switched to Epic Flash Sub Zero Dr, 3w, and 5w. Putter is a revolving door, but currently with a Spider X. I have my eye on the new Scotty 5.5 though
  7. I play one length irons, so I tried the all Cobra bag for a year. I liked it for the most part, but I just look for different things in my woods/irons/wedges. Up to 5 different brands in the bag now, 6 if you count my ball. If you want similar looks and feels all the way through the bag, a brand allegiance makes a lot of sense, but it isn't for me.
  8. I like a 47-48* PW, but I like my long irons strong with today's tech. I like my 4-iron around 20* with maybe a 0.5* larger gap between all clubs than standard. Maybe a yard or 2 wider yardage gaps, but works well for me. Leaves room for 3 other wedges and not too bad of a gap to the 5-wood/driving iron.
  9. 14 in the bag is fine, but thank God there's not a 14 club limit on my basement
  10. I'll spend my $150 on whatever he's drinking. Has to be the good stuff!
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