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  1. Thanks, looks really good.
  2. I hope that is true. Would be awesome to get update my Futura X5.
  3. I have hit everything, but the Epic LS. Hearing some rumblings about it being solid this year. Interested to try it, but it looks like it is going to come down to the TSi3 or Sim2 Max for me. This year seems like the year of pick what you like the sound of and look of and then get fit to it. Such a low variance between drivers this year it seems like, but we are early in the process.
  4. There are a couple sites that still have stock of the older versions. Just got my Black Camo Lite a few days ago... Looks gorgeous! Unfortunate being tied to a gift card.
  5. I want to try the TB really bad... now you have just cemented that thought in my head which will make it hard to get out...
  6. I've always wanted to get a couple of those repair tools... My problem is I can't keep a repair tool in my pocket for more than a couple rounds.... I literally have a pouch in my bag of 10 steel tools that I slowly go through over the course of a season.
  7. I wish that Spider SR, had a more sawed off finish like the Futura X5... Easy why it isn't with those weights back there. Gonna have to give it a try anyway, looks good.
  8. I've always played a high bounce F in my 54. Just switched to a 54D lofted up to a 56. Really like it so far. Will see if it makes it through the whole season in the bag.
  9. A shirt full of regret... lol Poor guy.
  10. For content sake, Rory gaining Bryson weight would be a dream reality, but he looks good to me. Got to be one happy guy with the golf game in a good spot and the little one watching on.
  11. Totally agree with someone that has tour speed, but the average Am will get lost in the weeds chasing a 50 degree land angle with a 7iron etc. I think we agree on 90% of stuff, things have just been without enough context on my end. I apologize. This is the only time I’ve ever argued with anyone on this forum (other than the guy that said we should all swing like Lee Trevino). I am done here, see you around on other threads.
  12. I don’t disagree with a word you said and you are still being toxic... I don’t get it.
  13. I just switched to a vokey 47 and my 7 is 35. Love the control, but I’m a high speed player so I can see how the distances might put some people off.
  14. I don’t believe that it is only needed for tour conditions. If Ams have those conditions, awesome. If they don’t have those conditions and don’t need them, awesome. Where I disagree is chasing tour averages instead of just ending up their through good fundamentals which I’ve stated before. As for the opposite being true which I have no issue with. People keep putting words in my mouth and then every reply cascades off of that... this whole thing has been blown way out of proportion...
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