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  1. No sir. Best I’ve done for ProV is $65 (NZ) at Rebel Sport on 30% sale.
  2. Boy did you ever explain my search for the last couple of years! I agree on the high launch 3W or lower lofted 5wood. I’ve recently dropped my Epic Flash SZ 3 wood that I played open at 14* for the Epic Flash SZ 5W that lofted down is 17*. With the weight forward, a Prov1x and a Tensei Blue X 75gm shaft I may have found the holy grail of fairway woods. Like you I have similar driving distance and the same miss out to the toe, especially on fairways. I ended up with this club despite it being 15-20m shorter than the 3 wood primarily because it’s surprisingly long off a very low tee and is super
  3. It's a good question but it is hard to answer. I felt the compression difference right away. The actual difference would be pretty minor but the XS felt slower and seemed to be more susceptible to wind and sidespin. I don't think it's a bad ball at all it just didn't suit me. I've always done well with the Prov1X and the Z star XV is 98% as good for damn near half the price. Having said all this I'm seriously considering making the XS my summer ball as the extra spin around the links course will come in handy. Hope your search goes well!
  4. I played a 816 H1 21* (played at 20*, 1* flat) with a Project X PXi 6.0 shaft which I think was 105gm. It was a heavy club but kept my swing timing a bit more patient. I found I was getting a bit too quick at the transition and that was affecting strike location. I've since moved to a Tour AD DI 95x with Apex 19 2H 18* head which is a brilliant combo and feels kind of similar to the PXi in a way. I had to learn how to hit down on it like an iron a bit more but I'm now far more consistent with my 185-200m shot. Ultimately, I was looking for a 2i with a bit more forgiveness which is essentially
  5. PM grind 58* (which I still play) is a wizard of a thing out of soft sand and the rough. It's playable from the fairway too but I have SO much confidence in the bunkers and out of the rough now. Phil is definitely on to something with these wedges.
  6. I've played ProV1x and TP5X but after reading this (https://mygolfspy.com/most-wanted-golf-ball/) I switched to Z Star XV and have been really impressed. I've played them for over a year and no complaints so far. Excellent ball in the wind as well. The Bridgestone XS is probably the best ball I've ever used from 7i down but I didn't like it off the 3 wood or driver
  7. I'm adding a Ping putter to the bag which is the first non Callaway club in my bag for ages. I doubt I'll change from the Driver and 3W setup I have but the irons and wedges are up for debate once they wear out. It's probably OCD but I just wanted to tick off the one manufacturer bag from my golf to do list. I don't think there's any competitive advantage. Although, I will say my PM grind 58* wedge is a magic wand from soft sand and deep rough.
  8. I ended up making an all Callaway bag. Truthfully, it was just so I tucked it off the list of things I wanted to do. I don't think it hurts my scoring but there could be a club that might be marginally better than what I have. The 5W/2i/2H spot is such a tricky club selection for me that's one place that might see a change. The wedges are also debatable. I used to play RTX and I think they are every bit as good at their job compared with my MD's. Once I wear out the irons or wedges I'll be throwing it back open to the best clubs at the time I think. Actually, I've got a Ping putter on the way
  9. Wow, that is rare. Feel like I need to look after this thing now! Can't wait to hit this tomorrow and see how it flies.
  10. There's a 5+? What! I'm quite excited to put this up against my Epic Flash SZ 3W actually. It looks a bit easier to hit from the fairway, not that I do that much, but good to have the option. Thanks for the info!
  11. The seller didn't have the picture with the sticker showing original loft unfortunately. The normal Rogue 4w is 17* so I'm assuming this is somewhere between 15-16*?
  12. The Diamana Blueboard's are always good and can be found cheap, as are the Speeder range, especially the 765.
  13. Mostly my MD4 54/06. It's got very little bounce (56/8 bent 2* weak) so I can clip it from very tight spots all the way to second cut of rough. Anything too fluffy/heavy I pull the 58/12. If it's a long runner I tend to choke down and putt with a 7i.
  14. Aside from the obvious putts that *actually* drop, there's two shots for me that if I pull them off I couldn't care less what the rest of the round does. 1) High draw with driver (or my strong 3 wood) I simply aim down the right edge and bash it as hard as I dare knowing it'll draw back to the center of the fairway. Money. 2) 40-60 yard pitch that hops once and grabs hard leaving it a few feet from the pin after a gentle roll out. So damn satisfying.
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