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  1. Perhaps I'd putt better in the northern hemisphere?
  2. Bizarre, but I'm having great difficulty trying to muster any sympathy for this dude.
  3. Yes, same today. Just saying it's probably less frequent than the lightning strike. I've heard two versions of the story, both kinda fun. First one came out of the UK: feller finds his ball in the rough, correct make, number and unusual ball marking and plays it, to discover it does not have the scratch he put on the original on the previous hole so he is pinged for wrong ball. At home that night, he is lamenting his astonishing misfortune to the Mrs because he's never put a ball there. She goes "oops, I borrowed some of your balls from the garage, I hit it there". Seco
  4. This urban legend situation, racing to pick up your provisional out of the hole before an opponent can find your nasty original ball, only applies if the PB was struck from further from the hole than where the original is estimated to be.
  5. Indeed, why would it need to be prohibited? The Equipment Rule noted above makes clear what a tee can't do, so provided those issues are not breached why should there be any issue? But there will be an official answer and I suspect it will ban any artificial object not designed to be a tee unless there is an identifiable modification. The photo below is the sort of thing - the little clear transparent bit on top - that would work on the 'cave rock' teeing areas I identified above. PS I have no relationship with the commercial entity lurking under the plastic top that I wanted a
  6. The general question that could be usefully put over the phone (for someone conveniently located): If ANY artificial object not designed to be a tee is used by a player to tee a ball for a stroke made from the teeing area, is the player penalised for use of a non-conforming tee?
  7. And I always thought they were for filling in divots.
  8. Agree with Dave. One course on the coast, couple of hours away, has built some tees into a cliff face's natural caves and laid mat into the recess in the rock to hit off. A normal tee is impractical, so such a plastic bottle cap, shaped a bit like a thimble, is perfect. Here's the view from the front of one of those 'teeing areas'.
  9. A common approach under hard cards and local rules here is "washaways in bunkers and at the margins of bunkers" is included as GUR. Occasionally it is limited to lie of ball only.
  10. This was precisely my thinking, 5 still wins the hole but it becomes much 'longer' if it is a 'must make' putt.
  11. I was picking up a different theme, that the player may complete the hole before the result of the hole is decided (also making some observations on the way 3.2b and 6.5 hang together - not very well). My thought was someone focused only on your earlier post may have misread your meaning.
  12. IMO, once a player has holed out, that player has finished the hole regardless of whether the opponent has finished the hole. But the result of the hole in match play is still open if the opponent has not also finished, and the player can concede the hole before the opponent has also finished the hole. Whether the opponent can better the player's score is irrelevant. There is a curious misfit between the 'conceding a hole' wording in 3.2b that sends you to 6.5 and 6.5 wording that only defines when a player has completed play of a hole - it does not define when a hole is completed for the p
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