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  1. chalk spider x...came from scotty golo. Love the way the spider sets up behind the ball
  2. I would agree that the fitter plays a large role. The only clubs I will get fit for on a monitor is a driver. other than that, hitting off a matt into a screen does not help me get fit for a set of irons. Playing in the northeast, I almost never have a flat lie. I need to play the clubs on course. For example, my buddy is a 12 handicap. Went and got fitted into mavrik max irons, payed a bunch of money. Gets on the course and cannot make anything happen with them. He cannot consistently hit them off anything but a flat lie
  3. 7,300 yards with long rough and tough to hit fairways...still plays to bombers advantage
  4. Are we feeling rory this week? 7,700 yards...won at quail hollow which is similar length. Maybe he just pulls the bryson strategy an bombs all week as the long rough gives an advantage to the bombers
  5. Its funny sonny has this opinion when any current top 70 golfer in a time machine could go to the 1980s play that equipment and play very well. The competition is the best its ever been which is why players do not win as consistently.
  6. Im still rocking a 915 d2 tour issue. Should I move on? Had the m5 an sim for a bit but the 915 just goes higher and straighter for me. Should I look into TSi2/3 or maybe even TS2/3? Any thoughts?
  7. I had a M5 that cracked and when I sent it back, I got a sim head shipped to me. I actually prefer a fade bias, as my miss is left an normal ball flight is a draw. I am a low spin player, so maybe the d2 is ideal for getting ball flight higher.
  8. Ditching the sim for my older 917 d2. The sim head just seems too low spin for me and my height off the tee and length are down from the older titliest driver. Anyone else experience this with the sim? Swing speed is 105-110...My longest drives have come with the sim, but my miss is too low and kills me on longer courses
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