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  1. Going to eBay tomorrow. Make an offer tonight on the head, shaft, or the full club. No reasonable offer refused!
  2. Selling my Ping G410 Plus driver head. 9* head that has about 2.5 grams of hotmelt added to the head. Just enough to give it that nice thud sound on impact but not so much that it is dramatically changing the SW; allowing the use of your normal shaft without having to go to something that is counterbalanced. Hotmelt is located about where it says “G410” on the sole of the club. $275 $265 $255 shipped OBROTrade option: SiM 8* or 9* Driver, Mavrik 9* Driver, would add cash on my end, amount dependent on if it is a head or full club. FYI in case you are wondering why my icon is behind bars, I am in WRX jail for 5 years because when I was selling three different but identical shafts I got the pictures mixed up and accused of relisting the same item. Before Hotmelt After Hotmelt
  3. I’ve got one of these Golf Builder adapters and I am in need of another one. The only place I’m seeing them is on eBay and shipping says up to 2 months in some listings. Anyone know anywhere else one of these can be purchased?
  4. Recently ordered a Titleist TS3 driver and was mistakenly sent this shaft instead of the shaft I originally ordered. This is a regular flex shaft with a Titleist tip. The head it came with looked pristine so this shaft probably has had little if any use. $60 shipped + $5 west of the Mississippi
  5. I had the same experience. Tried the hand crafted, small batch, and normal versions and never could tell any difference from one to the next. Other than the graphics they all seemed really similar.
  6. I’ve played both of those and the hand crafted HZRDUS shafts of different colors, not really much difference that I could tell. But maybe someone else could chime in on the technical differences?
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