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  1. I play this shaft in all my woods. I bought up all that I could find 2.5 years ago when I discovered how great of a shaft they are for me. Even got a few from the UK. I only have 2 left and cannot find more. For me, it's the best shaft ever made. As stated already, it's a soft-mid shaft that is the opposite of boardy. I play them in a 6.5 flex and I love the loading feel. Not soft mind you, but active. Have no idea why they were not continued, but if I recall correctly they were all small batch. What I don't understand is why that bend profile isn't more popular. Go figure
  2. Monte is the kind of coach I like. Practical, not pushing a method, and extremely applicable. Lifelong player here, 1 handicap, and still refining. NTC has really opened my eyes on some things, and it's really helped my consistency. I'm not a fan of position instruction, but Monte's approach is easier for me to practice. It's really helped to sync my torso with my arms, something I've always struggled with. I've included the Watson Hanger into my NTC work. I also am not a fan of training aids generally, but getting into the proper 7-8 o'clock wrist position is helped by the hanger.
  3. This research is spot on in my experience, and a great help to putter fitters (what few there are). Over the past 3 years I’ve been dissecting my own approach to putting and putters and have found a lot of similar things. I did this to “own” my own putting stroke and to better diagnose issues when I putt poorly. I’m a lifetime golfer, college player, and still a low handicap player. My barriers to really playing well have always been related to putting. I’ve been a decent putter generally, never great, and sometimes terrible. I’ve been consistently mediocre for some time – I eliminated the rea
  4. I've had mine for about 3 weeks but have only played with the cart twice. Thanks to the previous posters, I was prepared for the quirks. The unit came undamaged and I wrapped the handles with tennis racket over wraps to protect the rubber. Didn't want them to disintegrate like the OP mentioned. As far as the operation of the cart has gone, I'd say I'm pretty happy with it. Unlike others, using the remote has been really easy and I've had no issues. Follow mode is terrific, although the path the cart takes is not unlike a drunk guy following you around. The issues I've had are on steep hills in
  5. HMBs are so underrated. I have a full set, for 8 months now, and gonna keep 'em for a long time. So good - gorgeous pics!
  6. I wouldn't make this list, as subjective as it is, without Trevino. Late 60's through the 70's he was universally regarded as the best ball striker on tour. Don't think anyone was close, certainly not Watson, Nicklaus or Miller during that time. Miller had a great 3 year streak, but Trevino was better IMO, and for much longer. I grew up on Trevino's home course in El Paso and all us kids watched him whenever we could. So I'm probably biased. Greg
  7. as much as I think a lot of what Pelz has taught is not helpful, I DO think that his clock concept with wedges is outstanding. I work all the time on 9:00. 10:30 and full wedges, with all my wedges. It make me way tighter and confident with distances, and has made me a really good wedge player. I use the clock concept with pitches, chips and putts as well. Makes the game so much simpler for me. It doesn't reduce the need for feel, but I think trajectory is where artistry is both underrated and crucial. Just my 2 cents.
  8. I really like Jordan, and also think he was really good for the game. When I watched him in 2014-2017, I remember saying to myself that making every putt like he did at the time was not a recipe for longevity. I wasn't thinking he was a bad ball striker, but he was shorter than average and not that tight with his irons. Chickens were gonna come roost, and they did. And now he's a way worse ball striker. His good putting as of late isn't going to save him anymore, and with age he'll putt worse. If history is any guide that is. IMO he'll have to do a Stenson/Faldo and rebuild his entire swing if
  9. Live View Pro - https://liveviewsports.com/product/lvpro/?gclid=CjwKCAjwjqT5BRAPEiwAJlBuBWJlkKkSJ3E9o3g3hZnS7Tl3eDNhfRfpzBwp7n3MjxJclArUV9UhIRoCjZMQAvD_BwE Best video help I've used. I take it everywhere, work though positions and posture on the range with my iPad or phone, and record videos using their software. Really nice and not THAT expensive (not cheap though). Wish I had something like this years ago. Greg
  10. Thanks for posting these pics. I'm looking at getting one as well. When you get it out and about let us know what you think and if it's worth the $2k. Pricey, but guess it's up to us to keep the industry healthy:) Greg
  11. Have had them since the release, with LZ 6.5 shafts. Coming from MP-18s with X100s. A very fine set of irons that aren't all that GI, but with some help when you need it. I have the full set, 3-pw. Long irons are very nice with a slight distance edge over the 18's. 3 iron is about 7 or 8 yards longer, the 4 iron about 5 yards farther. The rest are very similar to MP18s-solid spin, no long squirters, and easy to dial in. Turf interaction (for me) is no different practically than Mizuno blades. I will likely game these for some time, as I tend to do with Mizunos. Gamed MP-32s for 12 years and ex
  12. I played those Standards in the mid '80's. Such great, but unforgiving blades. Softest forgings ever - wore out the grooves on all the short clubs. Would really be kismet if they were somehow related to those weird Apex irons given that I was an Apex player both prior and after the Standards. Keep us updated!
  13. I too play the LZ 6.5. When they started to drop in price I bought all I could because I figured PX would never bring it back. I think it's the best shaft for me (ever) and totally unique in feel. I purchased a TS4 with the HZRDUS smoke yellow 6.5 from the factory. IMO, the yellow feels stiffer with less mid kick than the LZ. The profiles are similar, but they don't feel the same to me. I went right back to the LZ in the TS4, and this set up is a complete cannon. Nice mid kick and low spin rocket launcher. BTW, the TS4 doesn't get near the love it deserves. YMMV.
  14. Finally got my Fetch that I ordered in late January. I've been gaming a Sigma 2 Fetch at 36" since last summer. Such a great putter. The Heppler version is terrific - seems less prone to off-center twisting (though the Sigma version was fine as it was), the feel is way better than the Sigma, and it looks so much better. I had the PP60 grip on the Sigma, have the PP59 on the Heppler. They do not perform exactly the same, the weight distribution seems different enough to effect dynamics just a little. With the Sigma, my miss tended to be .5 degree left. Hepper, .8 right. So I have some dialing i
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