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  1. I went to my local Club Champion and they had all 4 sets. Was able to demo the 921 tour with the shafts I was fit into and they felt great. I ordered the tours 4-pw
  2. Agreed, just PP was much worse than others...i've had both in the same conditions and my bushnell v4shift worked when Precision pro did not.
  3. I have the V4 shift and it's wonderful. I believe the V5 just has the magnetic mount and maybe "better" optics.
  4. awesome, I ordered my JPX 921 tours last week and can't wait to get them in. Been nervous since I haven't hit them before ordering, but been playing MP 63 since 2012 and hoping they're pretty similar, probably be more forgiving.
  5. Just ordered my JPX 921 Tours, can't wait. Been playing MP 63's since they came out and the grooves are pretty worn.
  6. Yep, I returned my NX9 HD because of this issue and I hated the mode button placement. Went back to Bushnell
  7. Improve what? Tour guys play TP5 because of the additional spin at which they are able to control much better than us.
  8. I don't have elastic in mine, just an easy access pocket perfect for my Bushnell.
  9. You should consider the TaylorMade FT Lite... I returned my Hoofer Lite to get the TM. Better pocket layout and easier access. The Hoofer pockets are (mainly lower side pocket) is very hard to get in and out.
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