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  1. Black TM P790 3 Iron. KBS $-Taper black shaft. This club has been hit on the range 5-7 times and has been used in 5-7 rounds. Just switching back to my hybrid. $200 OBO
  2. Every time I get Puma shoes I am satisfied. The only other brand than Nike that I have felt that way.
  3. Definitely yes to number one. Golf is all you need. You have time to swim, you have time to golf.
  4. The people buying are the ones that want to buy...doesn't matter what sport I always bought everything new. Still do
  5. Good time of year to find the trees off the tee. More openings now then ever
  6. Definitely counts. Just don't tell the whole story anymore.
  7. Reached the plus side of things this year.
  8. I agree. This is the easy answer
  9. A real curveball....watch some videos on Mark Crossfield and shaft flex.
  10. Such good looking irons. I like the mixed bag too.
  11. The AP2s are worth a shot too. Closer looking to blades with the forgiveness as well.
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