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  1. Looking for a Tensei AV Raw white DRIVER shaft 65g in X or TX flex. Need a ping tip but will take whatever and re tip. Need one ASAP if anyone has one
  2. Anyone have a used Garmin s62 watch they no longer use or are wanting to part ways with!? Looking to pick one up to try over the summer. cash ready!!!
  3. I don’t think you could have said it any better! I do appreciate your time and the knowledge. I think my questions are answered and I will continue on the winter months with the 710s until I’m able to get back to playing a bit. My next fitting should be quite interesting
  4. Makes sense. What’s crazy is I have a very high swing speed but the ability to slow it down and play these 710s is a effortlessly easy. The only “feel” difference is the overall weight of what is in my hand and mind Vs my i210s suited with the Kbs 130x. I appreciate the feedback and may possibly look into doing just as you say which is picking up another set with something a bit more familiar to my normal gamers. I’m just still kinda shocked how easy it was to aim and shoot with the 710s haha. As mentioned playing only once a month has hurt my game a bit but I’ve even contemplated just continu
  5. Anyone playing the 710s in an X stiff shaft? I’ve been playing the i210s last two seasons and haven’t been able to play as much as prior due to kiddos and Covid life now. But with that being said, I have been accustomed to the kbs tour 130x shafts being my go to until I picked up a set of 710s with the X95 regular shafts and just absolutely loving the clubs. Obviously my flight trajectory is a bit higher but I’m really convinced on switching over to the 710s and replacing the shafts with my normal heavier shafts. I am just a bit worried with the 710s being more of a game improvement iron i wou
  6. I have some i210s I’d let go if interested. Best irons for a wide variety of player skills
  7. I’m curious just as the post above mentioned. I picked up a small batch 6.5 70 “x” flex but the labeling states 2.8 torque but that is for the 6.5 “tx” model as the specs display on their site. If I’m correct the torque for the 6.5 70g “X” should be 3.2. I’m guessing this is just a spec sheet error or I have something custom built???
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