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  1. I hate traditional wrap grips, but the Sonar Wrap is the best grip on the planet.
  2. I messaged KBS a long while ago and they said the specification for the ID is 0.32 for the 0.370 and 0.305 for the 0.355
  3. @Howard_Jones where is that data from? Something you measured?
  4. Any other new features? Release notes posted somewhere?
  5. do you know anything about it? I couldn't find much in my searching. i do know it IS beautiful, thanks
  6. Maybe one of the corded combo grips - have you tried MCC or MCC+4? you get your cord, and a bit of squish on the lower hand.
  7. They are very polarizing, but from your description check out the Pure DTX, might be a good fit. Definitely try one before you do a full set.
  8. Wolfdancer is awesome and was in great shape 3 weeks ago. Avery is always in great shape, can be a slow round. falconhead was in good shape on Saturday, no complaints, has the most houses of the courses you listed. shadowglen is a great layout, one of my favorite courses, but the fairways are pretty shaggy at the moment. cant go wrong at Roy Kizer / Jimmy Clay which are in good shape right now too. anyone who says rhe austin golf courses you listed are in “rough shape” at the moment is a snob, or has never played a course in actual bad shape. have fun, hit em straight.
  9. Played my first ever vintage round today. 9 holes in Austin, TX with a Wilson 4300 1w, 4/6/8/PW 1960 Wilson Dyna-powered, and a modern putter. Hit 7/7 fairways and Shot 40 for 9 holes. had more fun on the course than I have in a long time. I went out and bought 2 more wooden drivers…. im hooked.
  10. Put the Wilson 4300 driver and 4/6/8/PW in my bag and played 9. Most fun I’ve had on the golf course in quite some time. +4 thru 9 helps too. edit: so after I had so much fun today I did this:
  11. Swingingk I read many pages of your thread on these, thanks for chiming in. i might toss them as a half set and see how they play as-is, good rec. Any Idea what the original grips from 1960 looked like?
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