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  1. All items for sale include shipping conus. Heads and shaft's can be split. Trades added: Epic flash 3wd Pm grind 60 wedge Bridgestone tour B xs balls 2016 m2 9.5 with project x HC black 6.5 tipped 1/2 inch. Plays 45 inches, no HC or tool, have after market 12 gram weight and stock weight. Head has small nick on back & shaft has scratch near adapter. Head sold, I'm keeping shaft. Srixon z765 9.5 miyazaki 6s tipped 1/2 inch, plays 44.5 HC and tool included. Sold Srixon f65 13.5 head near new with HC. $65 Srixon f65 15 w Diamana ilima 70S tipped 1/2 inch. Good condition plays 42.5 inches. Sold Srixon h65 16 hybrid w/ pured Fuji pro 2.0 7x good condition 41 inches. $100 head only $35 Enroll ER2 34.5 inches, 370 grams. Grip has wear on butt HC was some wear & missing ball marker. $195 Bettinardi BHB5-SS, made for Ben Hogan, no HC. 35 inches w/ grip master pistol grip w/ wear on butt cap. Head in good shape sold Ben Hogan apex edge irons 5-pw w/ kbs tour 90 stiff shaft's & GP tour wrap std grips. +1/4 inch, 38 inch 5 iron. Will include 3&4 irons heads also. $115 now $100 or heads only for $50 Nippon modus 120x 4-pw shafts, one time pull, std length. Sold
  2. All prices include shipping to lower 48. Trades. Avx balls, sldr type s 17*. All items are in good to excellent shape. Nippon modus pro 120x (4-pw) 4 iron measures 37&1/2. Tip's have wieghts, can be pulled. $155 price drop now, $145 Fujikura pro 73 s-flex. 43&3/4 inches. Standard Taylormade tipping of 1/2. $sold Bridgestone j15df (4-pw) hit indoors only maybe 30 shoots per head. $225
  3. -23 par 70 (47) 5 eagles- 3 par 5's, 2 par 4's 13 birdies
  4. It's the head not the shaft. TS2 is draw biased driver with a stock lie angle of 58.5. That is pretty upright, draw drivers are 59 lie angle. Try it in the c1 setting and see if that can calm down the draw. It seems that drivers are getting more upright these days. My 2016 m2 is 56 degrees lie angle and I adjust it to 58. I just bought a rouge draw and that plays at 59 stock. I hit fades.
  5. There used to be a couple short 9 hole courses around my area, 15 years ago, that got me started playing golf. One is now development and the other is closed but still there. I really like playing nine holes to work on my game, as others have stated not really worried about score and will often play worst ball to put pressure on. My home course is 18, but as a member I often play nine in the evening. Golf league is only nine holes, so it also can prepare one for that.
  6. Buy a new hybrid with more loft. Choking up will not reduce overall distance, it will reduce launch and carry, however the ball will come in with less decent angle and roll out more. Check out the TXG video on choking up on the club.
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