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  1. Still in testing phase but this 1020 sweetness will replace my current gamer...
  2. Of course the only delta in this case would be the metal, other factors such as face milling, weight, loft, lie etc would remain exactly the same for the result to make sense. I’m sure they can figure out the exact methodology.
  3. MGS should definitely blind test variations of 303s.
  4. The biggest downside of the basement simulator is the sound/echo that will bounce every direction unless you mount acoustic panels on the walls/ceilings. For me, installing ceiling mesh tarp/drapery curtains on each side/double landing pads significantly reduced the noise, both hitting the impact screen and hitting the landing pad when it drops.
  5. This is pretty much what my family do most of the day now due to Covid situation. Program is built with approximately 50 courses(many HD quality real courses in S.Korea) and prenty of practice modes.
  6. It sorta L shaped room and 27’ * 11’ is where I positioned it. There is about 2’ from the impact screen to the back wall behind and 12’ from the screen to the tee. Plenty of room for people to sit and watch while someone swings. I left 7~8 inches on each side and about foot between the net and the ceiling. Im prepping the diagram so I will share that once ready. Hope that helps.
  7. If I tried to hit fade I normally hit, I would definitely hit it.
  8. South Korean company called Impact Vision. They have proprietary technology with high speed camera. Little tricky to get the sensor calibrated but it was the best option for ceiling height > 9ft with great deal of accuracy.
  9. Started with an idea then iterations of measurements and change in execution plans, hours and hours of waiting for parts to arrive, my custom build is now complete and I thought I'd share here. [Started mapping out hitting zone/landing turf] [Building protection for the walkout window/not to completely block daylight] [Locating base frame for impact screen] [installing custom dual panel impact screen] [Ceiling protection] Between 2 inch acoustic panels and insulation foams, I went with simple route of just instal
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