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  1. I kind of agree with tiger1873 - at that age the emphasis should be on getting better. I think avoiding or playing in certain tournaments just to boost or maintain rankings is counterproductive. You may want to be more strategic in planning if you feel your son's ranking is very much out of line with his actual ability. I don't think trying to boost him from #90 to #75 is going to make any difference for a rising 8th grader - but #90 to #20 probably would. Playing lots of tournaments under all conditions in different geographic locations with varying fields will help you get a true sense a
  2. To clarify and expand on my earlier comment, I don't think your son's ranking matters at that age unless he is ranked near the very top of his graduating class (e.g. top 20). The reason why it doesn't matter as a rising 8th grader is because the number of players ranked on JGS for that age is very small relative to the number ranked as he gets older and closer to the age of recruitment. Here are the total number of ranked juniors on JGS per grade level (graduation year): 2026: 164 2025: 352 2024: 598 2023: 954 2022: 1387 2021: 1854 A top 100 ranked 2025 junior (out of 352) may not even be in
  3. To answer your question, I don't think his ranking is that important as an 8th grader based on what I've heard from coaches and parents of college players. Focusing on development and improving skills should probably be prioritized over trying to maximize ranking by tournament selection at that age. However, having a high ranking can only help, so if you want to optimize I would suggest looking at tournaments that have in the past produced very low scoring differentials relative to the individuals' typical scoring average. There was one HJGT tournament last year in particular (near you in
  4. With a sub 2.0 GPA he shouldn’t even be going to college
  5. Brown reinstates men’s track and field, cross-country to varsity status, citing impact on diversity - The Boston GlobeLooks like Brown backtracked and added back Track/FIeld and CC What a mess
  6. Pandemic Leaves a Void for Young Athletes Seeking to Make College Teams Another article talking about how 2021 recruits getting hit hard due to COVID
  7. Yes as stated in the article I guess what I'm asking is, in a "normal" year, if a coach is looking at 2022 this summer for recruiting, he is going to be comparing that rising junior in high school to someone he might be able to pick up next summer among the possible college transfers, because they have to sit out a year typically?
  8. Wow But now spots open up at WF and SDS - two very desirable programs! I assume the transfers are competing with class of 2022 because they have to sit out a year before competing?
  9. Interesting read - really does speak to ideally being on a coach's radar by the time official recruiting starts, especially for desirable programs. Are transfers really that high a % of recruits in any given year? Looking at a lot of rosters, many teams do not even have a single transfer, so it seems like a very small %?
  10. How does your junior handle (besides reporting to rules officials)? Are there things that you find helpful in terms of coping with the problem? 5-5.5hr rounds are not uncommon these days with 3-somes - just trying to make the best of a bad situation.
  11. It depends on what you mean by "directly contact" D1 Anytime: "College coaches can send recruits general materials, such as questionnaires, camp information, non-athletic information about the school and materials published by the NCAA." D2 Anytime: "Coaches can send recruits general materials, including questionnaires, camp brochures, NCAA materials and non-athletic information about the school. Student-athletes can take unofficial visits and aren’t restricted in the number of unofficial visits they take." D1/D2 June 15 after Sophomore year: "College coaches can call, text, email, direct mess
  12. I think the opposite of full grind is probably better: playing and practicing less leading up to the tournament to ensure fresh legs and clear head
  13. It's slightly off topic, but this is worth a read re the future of collegehttps://nymag.com/intelligencer/2020/05/scott-galloway-future-of-college.html
  14. Brown has a $4.2bln endowment. If they can't afford a golf program, who can?
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