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  1. You need to apply to the Links Trust to book a guaranteed TOC time in advance for 2022. Go to their site, it's explained very well.
  2. I would treat Cashen as a goof around PM game with a cart and some beers if there is a 36 hole deal. The design really asks too much of most golfers given the harsh terrain. It's extremely easy to lose balls from shots you think are fine. However, there are many cool shots in a lovely setting.
  3. Much depends on which part of Wales is easy to access for you. There is little doubt the south has the most high quality courses with Porthcawl as the obvious king of the hill. Although I prefer nearby Southerndown and Pennard further west on the Gower. There is also Clyne, a wild and rough course a few miles from Pennnard on the edge of Mumbles. They offer good packages if using their B&B. If you don't want to travel the extra 45 minutes west from Southerndown and Porthcawl there is Ashburnham and Pyle and Kenfig relatively nearby, both well respected, a little too much imo a
  4. Lahinch is my favourite of the three because of Dell and Klondyke. Gotta have some funky holes to keep golf in perspective. Ballybunion is second, but may actually be the better course. Superb greens and how the routing keeps circling back to the sea is very clever. Tralee is a distant third, but Lahinch and Ballybunion are very tough company.
  5. I found Harborne because it's a Colt course! I will play just about any Colt course if I think the design is reasonably preserved. There are some issues with trees, but overall Harborne is very good. It has that classic Franks Harris Bros shaping for the greens which is attractive and makes for interesting golf. Harborne is still decent value at about 40-50 quid and they take the county card. Low key club in urban Brum. Highly recommended if one is looking for value without sacrificing too much on quality. To be honest, the design is excellent, but the site isn't grand like we normally think o
  6. People often neglect Harborne, Edgbaston, Sutton Coldfield (shines in winter) and Whittington Heath.
  7. Sounds like difficulty is very important in this thread. Any of the courses mentioned will be difficult in 12 to 15mph wind. Prestwick has more than history. What makes Prestwick great is great holes such as 3, 13, 15, 16 & 17. There is a fantastic mix of old fashion and modern (more straight forward) holes. There are also some excellent greens. For mine, Prestwick exhibits far more variety and interesting holes than does Troon. But, at the end of the day both should be played. If stuck for time I would drop Western Gailes. I am told Troon will or even has started
  8. Don't skip Prestwick. IMO it's the premier choice of the area. Great course and ambience. If going to Mach, give Dunaverty a go. Also, if going to Mach, you can take the ferry to Arran and play Shiskine then get the ferry to the Mull. It's good to see the wee courses (even if caddies aren't available) and those with history if they are on the doorstep. Renaissance is I think the better course, but the experience isn't as good. Gullane is a cool club and playing over the Hill is golfing must, at least once. Consider playing #3 as well. A short course with a
  9. First choice is North Berwick. Play Goswick, Dunbar, NB, Gullane 3, Muirfield, Kilspindie and Musselburgh Old. Loads of charm, beauty and variety. I would push the boat out and add Alnmouth Village to the Goswick day.
  10. I would unequivocally choose Sandwich/Deal. You get Sandwich, Deal, Princes, Rye and Littlestone. Plus a heathland course to and from the airport. Double plus you get to stay in a charming small town.
  11. Carlton Hotel in Prestwick is a decent lower mid range choice.
  12. Needlessly so and The Island is very tough! If staying north of Dublin Euro Club is a fair bit out of the way for a later drive to Shannon or just as a day trip when there are more convenient quality options such as Portmarnock and Portmarnock Links available. Of course, you could go off road and play the delightful Corballis, just down the road from The Island.
  13. If you are hangin about Dublin The Island is a good choice. So is Portmarnock. Portmarnock Links is good as well. I prefer Corballis to these because it's cheap, has a ton of character and is quick to play. But if you don't like funky golf stay away from Corballis.
  14. Considering the all night flight and drive to Ballyliffin, Corballis may be the better option if it is a weekday. It is a very short course and quick to play. It's enough to stretch the legs and get back on the road. That said, if you don't care for funky, whimsical design, give Corballis a miss. I tend to gravitate toward the unusual and Corballis is certainly that. I like The Island more than Baltray and think it is the better course (haven't seen the very recent changes), but it is very difficult. Baltray is easier and does have a charm about it that The Island lacks. It might
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