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  1. Here is my own experience with Japanese version Tour BX. FYI, my ball is Tour B RX. My drive is about 270. 7 Iron 160yds. I put lotta spin on balls. This ball flies lower and spins less. Definitely less spin than RX. Also, ball is definitely more clicky than RX. If you look for low fly, less spin balls, this is it.
  2. $50/dozen including shipping. I have 6 dozens. Please PM me. If you wanna buy multiple, I could work on the price a bit. I only accept PAYPAL.
  3. after a round with heavier and stiffer 70g shaft, it was success. So far straighter, bit lower and longer.
  4. then come stack balls in Cali and travel to AZ. My club, Black Gold is like the one you mentioned above. Lotta good quality stray balls but gotta look out for rattlers. Sometimes you deposit more and other times you withdraw more.
  5. just bring extra balls. then you should be at peace.
  6. I suppose we shall see homes in those vacant lots sooner or later. must be so nice to play at brand new course.
  7. For me, it is a matter of the feel; soft(RX) or hard(X). For me, X definitely flies lower and spins more.
  8. I hope that you did not pay arms and legs for this driver. Even 2 star shaft is phenom. Please share your feedback. I never seen this driver until today. still beating up 747 460 on weekly basis.
  9. I must say the last purest "made in Sakata" driver. Enjoy
  10. 747Vs are like Srixon 765. thin top lines and soles. great feel & performing irons, but not much forgiving.
  11. hmmmm you guys are convincing me to transfer from 747V to X with graphite shafts.
  12. super twilight at Tustin Ranch GC. from #8 tee box looking at the club house and #9 green I ended up playing in total darkness at #11. (brightened version)
  13. you must be a good player finding this course not overly difficult. Many find it very difficult regardless of what tee box you play from.
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