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  1. this place is in my bucket list. I wonder if I will ever have a chance to go. Is it picture color or dry spring weather?
  2. this is the last true TW driver made in Sakata at least sold in North America. 100% Japanese.
  3. not quite environmentally friendly... but loving the equipment
  4. Has anyone done this "Group Caddie" deal? I have 8 boys in my group. I think this would work well for all.
  5. whichever works... 60X sounds good. This is what I have selling on ebay. https://www.ebay.com/itm/HONMA-VIZARD-TYPE-A-70S-70-Stiff-Flex-FAIRWAY-WOOD-PULLOUT-SHAFT-246202/353163969920?hash=item523a368580:g:0k8AAOSwnuhfLcQb I bought aftermarket Honma shaft adapter from ebay too.
  6. From the distance you mentioned (certainly you are longer than me), I strongly advise you to change the driver shaft. I swapped it with Red 70g Vizard stiff shaft from TW737 driver. day and night difference. Ball flights are straighter, lower and penetrating. Another advantage is that I can get very aggressive. IMO, 60g shaft on 747 driver is too whippy.
  7. well taken. it is business. About the monthly due increase, I don't feel bad after all.
  8. I m torn. very sad. it is nicer way to say that CC does not want us.
  9. at least for me, yes.
  10. I play both balls. Depend on course, I play B RX for less spin and MTB Black for more spin.
  11. Where did you get the headcovers? I love 'em. I wish they have "17" covers too.
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