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  1. From my experience, I would also recommend the score saving club fitting, putter and wedges.
  2. so did you get new set of irons or will you?
  3. I do have the same experience as your mate. Last year, I sold Mizuno JPX EZ Forged (GI) and got Honma 747V (Players). my hcp went downy by full 4 pts within a year. I thought I would have hard time hitting balls but I did not. Perhaps because I concentrate more on every swing, I find player's iron more playable and slightly less than previous GI. To boost my ego even more, now I have mixed MB and CB set. I enjoy every bit of the current set due to better control and feel. I watched very recent SGI review on YT. The carry range of 7 irons was over 20 yds (both
  4. I am waiting for TR20P irons to go on sale. They are forged.
  5. Dr. Snell: I assume you do not want to reveal the secret yet or you have flexibility either to make a brand new model or a improvement of existing models. For my own sake, I would like brand new model; softer, less but enough iron spin and overall low flight. Perhaps if I make one more suggestion, how about TPU ball(s) with price structure between MTB and GS? Above all, whatever you place in market, I am sure many are here to support you.
  6. Dr. Snell: are the protos improvements or brand new model?
  7. I am big fan of Pinnacle Soft though I stop playing it a while ago; urethane balls suit my game though PS is much pocket friendly. I wonder if you have tried PS and if it fits your game unless you prefer clickier feel and extra distance.
  8. Currently I game mix set of Honma 747V (5 -7) and Rose Proto (8-P). Prior, I had Mizuno JPX EZ Forged. Since Honma, my hcp went down by 4 pts. I love the consistency of Honma. Not super easy nor super hard, it delivers good mid trajectory with soft feel. Sorry, Mizuno, much much much better feel. Currently, either 747V or Rose Proto are selling pretty cheap on ebay. you must consider if you are looking for a set with attitude.
  9. I just heard Black Gold and Tustin Ranch got punched. In few weeks, I will head to Trump National, which aerification is scheduled on 10/27.
  10. when the seller stops the bargain, you could easily sell higher than what you paid for. I had done that before with Mizuno irons.
  11. take a look at this thread
  12. I was at Dos Lagos in Corona. This place must be overlooked. Nice conditions all around. you can get very good deal from underpar dot com. Los Serranos North aerated today and South on 9/21.
  13. I have been playing B RX along side with MTB Black as my SS is about 105. I do not see any distance loss/no dispersion issue off driver like MTB Black. I like B RX better due to lower spin off irons. It does not run away like AVX. Definitely softer feel. The best wind fighter ever. Now I game B RX and MTB Black depends on conditions. Dean has very good competitor to go against.
  14. I have the same issue. I almost exclusively use one wedge for anything 50 yrds and under and grip it down 99.5% of the time. I do hope that the sensor issue gets resolved. or do we have to wait for V4?
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