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  1. Pelican South. Like North, it is in better than excellent condition. Overall layout is much easier than North but I found greens were trickier than North.
  2. shipping from Asia has never gotten better. China/Korea/Japan just had a typhoon swang by. My shipping from Busan was delayed for a week too. Then Moon festival now and China October National holiday . Then probably another 1 or 2 week delay in Long Beach. Dean, I am on the same boat. I feel for you. Sooner or later, you might have to adjust the price like everyone else.
  3. the same as mid swing speed. not sure if the results are from GC Quad or hard pan AZ range.
  4. these are the brand new balls I must avoid as mid swing speed golfer: Kirkland Performance+ 2.0 Inesis Tour 900 Wilson Staff Model Mizuno RB Tour X *I took out Pinnacle Range ball and Refurnished ProV1 from the selection
  5. Dean, What is your take on the 2021 ball test? Both balls are recommended by the testing agent.
  6. From the data, the #1 overall "tailor made" ball for me is surprisingly ProV1. Somehow I hate ProV1, but the fact says otherwise. And followed by my favorite MTB Black.
  7. c'mon... you gotta go for the Platinum. I am glad that we both share the same spectrum.
  8. what is your ball? Pinnacle range ball?
  9. you must be a Titleist rep. too bias.
  10. is there Las Vegas betting chart for the winner?
  11. How does Z-Star compare to RX or MTB Black?
  12. I am always interested in order of: consistency spin trajectory distance By this order, I chose B'stone B RX from the last test (100mph swing speed). I play it along with Snell MTB Black depends on the course/hole condition. the data helped me to find the right ball for me. I do look forward to the new data.
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