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  1. Looks like a great way to lose a $K on your debit/credit card
  2. I got my hands on quite a few when they came out for a short period of time, but the Ebay market for Left dot ProV1's is nuts
  3. What’s the deal with EBay and these things? I’ve seen one listing for a dozen starting at $1 and the rest were all starting at like $150/dz. I’ve seen as high as $65 for a sleeve!!!
  4. iBlade is insanely forgiving for its profile, if they kept or improved the forgiveness I’d be willing to wait and pay up
  5. Hypothetically, how would they compare to iBlades as far as distance and forgiveness on mishits?
  6. Went on a SWAG spree and decided to keep just about everything except these items. All prices include shipping for lower 48 states. Fries Headcover - $200 $175 Fries Polo XL - $150 $135 Burger Polo XL - $150 $135 Chicago Style Towel - $90 $80 All 4 items $500 $450
  7. A clean looking blade that plays like a player distance iron
  8. At that price point just go get a PXG Gen4 0311T iron. I was hoping to replace my PXGs w/ these, I think I’ll go w/ the Mizunos I ordered just in case these came out late ‘21-‘22.
  9. Was told Gen 5 is in the pipeline and that’s why everything is being moved so low. Interested to see when it drops. Would guess 2022, but w/ Bob who knows.
  10. Anyone selling their MEVO+ to get this? Mine is VERY lightly used and I think this R10 would do what I need and I could pocket the difference.
  11. It makes sense why PXG can fill orders in 7-14 DAYS and other OEMs are 7-14 WEEKS if they are using an old defective shaft in their only non upgrade option. Their on hand supply of shafts overall is impressive though, as is their turnaround time compared to the rest of the industry.
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