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  1. T200 chrome and satin finished? Feels like a huge miss not having them a solid finish. Could have been perfect for that category
  2. Is this two different finishes? Chrome, w/ a brushed back? Would look WAY better all chrome or all brushed.
  3. I take that back to an extent, the “in hand” type photos look WAY better than the email
  4. I have a MySpyder X and it has some wear on it through the headcover being on it all the time.
  5. Agreed, and it’s on possibly their best looking iron ever in my opinion.
  6. Ping rep I heard from said November at the earliest now. They expected to hear a hard date from HQ a week or two ago and got a “dog ate my homework” type response from HQ. I was told 2022 is squarely in play now for i59’s. I was bummed out
  7. My local shop was hearing from all their different reps that things keep getting pushed back and don’t be surprised if Titleist, Ping and Mizuno all release their irons in 2022 now. Hoping they are wrong, but the shaft/grip/etc supply chain disruptions continue to get worse, so it kind of makes sense. I put in an order for a different brand to hold me over as I tend to wear my irons out every 2 years w/ heavy play anyway.
  8. I’ve been told by my local shop not to be surprised if Ping, Titleist, and Mizuno push their iron releases to 2022. Maybe even April of 2022 for Titleist/Mizzy My reaction was Did order a set of ZX7’s to hold me over though.
  9. I was told November is our reps best guess, but it sounds like Ping went quiet when they were supposed to be giving them a timeline. Makes me concerned it gets delayed again
  10. Do these come finished or raw? Was going to go Ping i59, but sounds like that was pushed to 2022
  11. Welp, Mizuno or Titleist instead of i59’s then. damn
  12. Is this the new i2xx???? Similar head profile to the 210, but the cavity looks different. Thought at first maybe the fill was removed from “i210” but I think it looks different than anything I’ve seen. Maybe i200s old and worn w/ no paintfill? I could be wrong. *This is from the Memorial Photos post*
  13. I would call it traditional-ish to me, some others may be able to give a better explanation
  14. Cameron Champ w/ i59’s in the bag. Last month he was playing 4-P (sometimes 3-P) in i210.
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