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  1. Thanks for the info. Unfortunately got bad news today and had to cancel the trip. Will make it a point to get to Palm Springs sometime in the near future!
  2. Nope never been there, that is why I am asking advice. What is your question about 7:15? I am confused by your question mark about that. Literally data that you can find online. Doesn't matter where you are, if you have 3 hours to play you should be able to get in more than 9 holes even if it is peak season.
  3. Anyone have a pro they get lessons from they really like? I'm in the city, so somewhere not too far out.
  4. I second the suggestion for Eagle Falls. Both courses at Desert Willow are really good. I'm one person who didn't hate the renovation at Silverrock, I think a couple of holes were improved, although the new par-3 isn't one of my favorites, and a drivable 18th can be a bit of a problem. On the other hand, its right at the base of the mountains, so its really dramatic. If you can get out on Classic Club for your early morning round, you'll have a great time, and not be too far from the airport for your departure. Would you prefer classic club over Firecliff at Desert Willow?
  5. Are rounds in the area usually really slow? I figure if I land at 230 and tee off by 330 that gives me just under 4 hours. I am going the week after daylight savings so sunset is around 7pm, so will have light until at least 7:15. Not really expecting to get a full 18 in, but would assume I could push 15 or so. I usually play a full 18 at my course in an 1:45 but that is first one out which won't be the case obviously. Thanks for the info
  6. In a couple weeks I am going as a single for 3 days. I am staying in the La Quinta area, flying into Palm Springs. I am playing PGA West Stadium and SilverRock the 2nd day. I am looking for 2 more rounds. The first round will have to be a twilight round as I get into PS around 2:30. So I was looking for something close to the airport. 3rd round will be an early morning round on my way to the airport (but not super strapped for time, later flight). I am looking for courses that are in great shape, and aren't in housing developments. Price isn't really a problem. I am leaning towards firecliff as one of those 2 rounds right now. I know silverrock has gotten some hate since the reno, but it is right by PGA west and looks like a super cool natural area/course surrounding. Thanks for your help.
  7. How do Troon Pinnacle and Monument differentiate from each other? Is one regarded as better?
  8. I did this and it was much less severe. Which makes sense because the line from the ball wasn't very severe either, that I did during the initial test. So maybe the ball contact is causing it to look worse than it is. Ball flight was pretty good, tad fade right, but nothing much.
  9. I bought some new irons that were standard all the way through. I bought some lie angle tape and a board and hit some balls and got this marking. Obviously it is toe heavy, 1 degree, 2 degrees, less, more? Thoughts? And I know lie boards aren't the best indicator anymore and there are other ways to do it, but I am just looking for thoughts on this picture. I also did the marker on ball test. Thanks for your help.
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