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  1. Like the title says looking to sell this brand new 10.5* Mavrik Triple Diamond head only with headcover. Sold I am also looking to sell this lightly used 8* SIM head with headcover. Looking to get $325 as I know these are a little harder to find. Not looking for trades at this time.
  2. I still use a 21* P750 3iron. Usually what I hit on short par 4's and into longer par 5's.
  3. I play PW (47*) 52, 56 and 60* wedges.
  4. In my opinion that’s a great option. Little more forgiveness in the long irons never hurts.
  5. I’ve hit the 7 iron at a local shop after I got my P7MB and honestly for the added forgiveness I probably would have gone that route if I hit both before ordering.
  6. I went from P750 to Cobra flow set to now P7MB (still carry my P750 3i). I’d say the P7MB feel better off the face. Looking down at address the MB has a little less offset to my eye but nothing crazy.
  7. I found the TSi3 launches a bit higher than my SIM both playing around 7.25*. I have also found the TSi to be a bit more forgiving.
  8. I am currently bouncing back between the TSi3 and a SIM head. Both are set to roughly 7.25*, for me the SIM is definitely longer but the TSi3 has been more consistent and has seemed to find fairways a little more consistently. Need to find time to bring both out and do a proper comparison. For now I am sticking with the TSi, a little less off the tee but has kept me in play more than the SIM.
  9. Personally I went back to a 20* 3i (P750) and a 24* 4i(P7MB) and I could not be happier with them both off the tee, from the fairway and even out of the rough.
  10. I want to say if you move the adapter towards the lower setting it will open the face a touch which in theory would promote more of a fade bias. I could be wrong though haha
  11. My normal shot shape is a fade and I absolutely love my SIM. Tried triple Mavrik SZ, Cobra SZ Titleist TS4 and the SIM always found a way back in the bag.
  12. I'm a righty but I play the P7MB and have to say I could not be happier. Luckily TM finally decided to make a lefty version!
  13. I feel super lucky everything from TM I have ordered recently has gotten to me within a week, SIM and a few other clubs as well.
  14. I’ll dig them out tomorrow and snap some pictures. The faces last very well after a lot of rounds and range time. A few of the soles started to wear but that didn’t bother me at all as I don’t see that when at address.
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