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  1. Came from an OG SIM TI as someone else said that head seemed to just produce low spin bombs that were creeping into driver numbers. OG was definitely a good off the tee option, never felt super comfortable with it off the deck. SIM2 spins a little bit more and seems more consistent distance wise albeit a tad shorter. Hopefully that helps!
  2. 5-7 handicap and just recently put a SIM2 TI with a Ventus Red in the bag and I am thoroughly enjoying it.
  3. I have gotten good enough deals on most of them and flipped a lot more in the process. Plus I used to collect rare Nike/Jordan's and sold those for a nice profit so what I spend on golf gear is profit from selling other various things.
  4. Haha I still have all of that after sending my dad home with a full 14 club bag and "gifting" a driver to my brother in law and some other clubs to friends. I can't remember the last time I played with friends who didnt have one or more of my old clubs. Just counted I have over 25 driver and fairway shafts
  5. Well this is going to get depressing quick Backup clubs Drivers- F9, Mavrik SZ TD, TSI3, SIM, SIM2, M6, SIM Max 3W- SIM, Mavrik SZ, M4 Tour 5W- SIM Driving Iron- King Utility Extra 3/4 irons- P770 3/4 iron, ForgedTec 3 iron Iron sets- 3-PW P750, 4-PW Cobra CB/MB Wedges- TM Hi-Toe Putters- Spider Tour, Spider X Plus way too many driver and fairway wood shafts.
  6. Jetierney13

    World Woods

    I would highly suggest if you're playing 36 at World Woods to do both at Pine Barrens. Rolling Oaks is not worth the money right now, the greens were destroyed when I played a few weeks ago.
  7. My cousin recently bought a dozen of the RB Tour X and he lent me one to try. After two holes there was a solid crack in the cover. It is a shame because I really liked the feel and performance of it. My cousin isn't a very hard swinger anymore and he noticed a similar crack in his ball after about 13-14 holes. Hopefully they fix durability issues or he just bought a dud dozen because it seemed to perform well!
  8. I would say Lake Jovita is worth the drive. The North course is definitely more forgiving than the south.
  9. I have been switching between the Left Dash ProV1X and the TP5X lately. Occassionally I will play either the Bridgestone Tour BX or ProV1X.
  10. Depends on the day for me but as few as 2 and as many as 5. I tend to swap driver and fairway woods quite often.
  11. If you don’t mind me asking where did you get those extra bands from? Also great watch absolutely love mine this should go quick!
  12. I have noticed their TP5/TP5X seem to have had some issues with the logo alignment. Also my set of P7MB most of the black paint fill seems to have fallen out which is surprising to me. Overall I have been lucky and had no issues with their gear quality only some of their balls.
  13. I go to Mangrove frequently great track for the price but it has been incredibly busy lately. Hoping once Summer comes it slows down.
  14. Darn if only they were a size bigger. Still the most comfortable shoe I have worn on the course. Best of luck!
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