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  1. Sad to hear I am not the only one having these issues. I noticed some of the cover stripping you mention after only a few wedge shots and no hit trees or cart paths.
  2. I play a 48* PW, 52/56/60. Have been contemplating getting a 54 instead of the 52 & 56.
  3. Driver is my most expensive Triple Diamond Mavrik SZ head and a Ventus black 7X.
  4. 790's should offer plenty of forgiveness I would not worry about that aspect. I know the largest issue I have/had with the 790's was distance gapping.
  5. At least it's not just me but hopefully if this is a widespread issue TM will address it soon.
  6. I switch between the TP5X and the new Bridgestone BX. Side note has anyone else tried the yellow TP5X? I recently got a dozen and noticed that durability seems to be a large issue with the cover.
  7. I have mostly been TM/Cobra drivers for a while but the Mavrik just clearly outperformed everything else I tried. It is funny how that works out haha
  8. Love my CB/MB flow set with TI X100's. Been using them all season and have no regrets. The black finish is starting to fade but nothing worse than I expected when I first got them.
  9. Agreed I would try both to see what suits you best. SIM fairways performed better for me than the new Mavrik SZ woods, but the Mavrik SZ driver works better than the SIM.
  10. I play the Mavrik SZ and tried the Mavrik SZ 3W but it couldn't unseat my SIM 3W. I will try it again but mildly disappointed that its not easy to switch shafts in the Mavrik non drivers.
  11. Could not agree more, I have purchased a lot from him and will continue to. Customer service is always top notch and always a pleasure to deal with!
  12. I might have to try the steel shaft route! Thank you for mentioning this I honestly would not have thought to try that.
  13. Like the title says looking for a 9* SIM head. Let me know what you have!
  14. What length shaft is everyone playing in theirs? I tend to switch between driver length and 3W length.
  15. I have had numerous irons, woods, wedges and putters from TM recently with no issues. Having said that every company has a few faulty products that slip through QC, bound to happen with the sheer quantity they pump out.
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