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  1. Biggest surprise for me was adding a SIM2 3 hybrid. I never liked the look of hybrids but the SIM2 fits my eyes and I can get it to land softer than my driving iron which is what I was mainly looking for/ hoping for.
  2. Just recently switched from a SIM2 driver back to my old F9. F9 seems to be straighter and a little longer for me.
  3. I have a 2019 P790 UDI and I love it off the tee and even off the fairway. If the lie in the rough isn't awful sometimes I will even hit it out of there. The only thing is being a lower ball flight I have to anticipate at least 10-15 yards of roll to where I plan on landing it.
  4. Interested in this one if anyone got it and realized they do not want to use it. Thank you!
  5. Have a few shafts that have been collecting dust in my closet so I figured I might as well sell them. Not currently interested in any trades. If you’d like more detailed pictures of anything please let me know. Diamana D-Limited 60TX Taylormade adapter measures 44 1/4” $250 HZRDUS Smoke Green 60g 6.5 Taylormade adapter measures 43 3/4”. $200 HZRDUS Smoke Yellow 60g 6.5TX Cobra Adapter measures 44 1/4” $180 Ventus Black 6X Taylormade adapter measures 44 1/4” $250 Tensei 1k 60TX Callaway adapter measures 44 3/4” $250 Ventus Black 7X Callaway adapter measures 44 1/4” $250 HZRDUS Smoke Green “PVD” 60g 6.5 Callaway Green Dot adapter measures 44” Sold Ventus Black 6X Titleist adapter measures 43 3/4” Sold Tensei Pro Orange 60TX measures 44 1/4” $180 Ventus Blue 7X Titleist adapter measures 44 1/2” $250
  6. I finally left a bag at my parents in CT so I no longer am bringing golf gear as well as all the things that come with two little kids haha. CT Bag SIM2 Driver Mavrik SZ 3W P790 UDI P750 4-PW Hi-Toe 52/56/60 Spider EX
  7. I played Mill River about 2 months ago and it’s a decent track, good shape but it was on the shorter side. The one thing I wasn’t a huge fan of is they don’t have a real range to swing at.
  8. Both sets found! Thank you!
  9. Good Morning, My car was stolen this morning from my driveway with my clubs and my brother in laws in the trunk. If anyone local sees the following listed please let me know. Thank you! my bag: SIM2 8* driver with Tensei 1k 70TX SIM2 3W Ventus red 7x 790 UDI Ventus Black 10TX 4-PW P7MB with DG TI X100 MG2 52/56/60 DG TI S400 (52/56 have my girls names stamped on them) Scotty Phantom X5.5 Blue/Grey TM stand bag Brother in Laws bag: OG SIM 10.5* with black hzrdus OG SIM 3W 790 UDI 2019 4-PW P790’s Hi-Toe 52/56/60 Chalk Spider X bright red/camo Nike stand bag
  10. I play a SIM2 Fairway at 15* and have not seemed to have any issue with it off the fairway with both the Ventus Red and Blue that I swap between. For reference I played the SIM last year at 15* also and hated hitting it from the fairway.
  11. Last I heard Vinoy is currently at a 2-3 year wait for new members.
  12. I have gone with Driver, Driving iron, 3-60* before. For me it usually depends on what type of track I am playing.
  13. My order still shows "processing" interested to see what happens!
  14. Recently swapped to a SIM2 8* set @ 9.5* with a Tensei 1k 60TX from the Callaway Epic Speed TD LS
  15. Love my set these should go quick especially considering the backorder currently!
  16. Driver is an Epic Speed LS 8.5* @7.5* with a Tensei 1K 60TX 3W is a SIM2 @15* with a Ventus Red 7X
  17. I started typing just what I have had over the last 5 years and it got too depressing to continue haha
  18. I see what everyone was talking about with the greens on the black course. Oh man was that an interesting experience haha. The red course is absolutely beautiful though!!
  19. Just had mine bent 1 degree weak. It's not an alarmingly high ball flight but I naturally hit it high and it just was not my preferred window on full swings. I could manipulate it to get it to where I wanted no issues.
  20. I use a Clicgear 3.5 and have never had an issue using the fixed front wheel versus a swivel.
  21. I switch between a 19* 5 wood and a 18* P790 Driving iron. 5 wood is perfect for the winter months here in Florida and I love the driving iron this time of year when it tends to be a little bit more windy. I have no issues hitting the iron off the fairway or even out of the rough. Current driving iron has a Ventus Black 10TX backup one has a Ventus Blue 10X, I found the blue would go a little higher than I was looking for on windy days.
  22. Still absolutely love these irons. They are heading to my parents house for my set I will keep there.
  23. Oh man that sounds completely miserable. Sounding more like 2 putts are like 1 putts on normal greens haha
  24. I am from CT so elevation change and uneven lies is nothing new for me thankfully! I do keep hearing the greens particularly on black can be frustrating!
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