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  1. Regarding whether raw wedges have measurable benefits versus the aesthetic placebo effect, I think it’s more of a question of plated faces versus non-plated faces (I.e. raw). On the average dry-lie shot, there will be no real difference. However, unplated/raw wedges do have measurable benefits for wet lies/wet balls because the average chrome plating greatly reduces spin and increases launch angle. That said, PING’s Glide 3.0 hydro-pearl finish has proven in tests conducted by multiple outlets to have the best wet condition performance. i would say another likely point here
  2. Have you putted with their putters? The face technology seems to tout the same benefits of the Evnroll face (speed boost for off center hits and/or speed reduction for centered strikes). I found Evnroll to be too firm for me - I'm wondering how the PXG milling/face compares.
  3. Interested in any of the mallet versions of the Queen Bees! Thanks
  4. Hey there, Can just be heads or with shafts. I really just need 8-PW, but would be willing to do more if the price works. Thanks!
  5. I have an old SM4 60-07* that has been working wonders for me in the dead Bermuda, and I was looking into replacing it with a current model given it's effectiveness for me. From what I can tell, Vokey went to a different S-Grind starting with the SM6, adding more bounce (the heel relief looks particularly affected by the increase in bounce). It looks like that same pattern has carried through to the SM8s. I know there are custom grind options on Wedgeworks, which I would potentially be open to if it meant I could replicate it with a brand new wedge. But, an easier ro
  6. I'm looking to test some putters in the coming weeks, and I wanted to see if anyone here could add some suggestions to the contestants. I like a rounded D-shaped mid-mallet with slight toe-hang and ideally no insert. Here are some that I have in mind already: - Evnroll ER-8 - Queen Bee #3 & #10 - Cleveland #6 - PING Arna Are there any of the older Odyssey models or any other boutique models that I'm overlooking? Thanks in advance for your suggestions
  7. I was in a bad way with my swing and stumbled upon this - I could tell the release felt so much more natural and repeatable due to the fact that it was capitalizing on my body's ability to naturally react to the weight of the club moving. However, I was dealing with major pushes and/or over-cuts/slices. I only had to change one thing to start hitting the best shots throughout a round that I remember hitting in terms of strike and ball flight consistency: Keep the left shoulder from raising up in the backswing. I know this was probably just unique fix for me, but if an
  8. My understanding is that tipping a shaft will make it play comparatively stouter all else being equal, is that correct? So, with it being a particularly stiff shaft (I already accounted for this in going with Regular versus my usual stiff), I may want to err on the side of tipping less so that it's not overly stout? It's interesting that the original spec sheet said not to tip, but then again they may have just been referring to the typical 2H/3H/4H installs. It sounds like tipping .5" might be the best choice here.
  9. Hello WRXers, I have a new uncut Fujikura Speeder 904HB in regular that I want to install in a Callaway Apex 5H/26* head ('16 version). My driver swing speed is 100-105, and I tend to be a steeper player (hence the 5H). Since the shaft is new and uncut, I have some room to customize. Does anyone have any tipping advice or general advice about 5 hybrid shafts that would be helpful? Thanks and hope everyone is having a good start to 2021
  10. Are they making any of these newer shafts with Zylon? I haven’t seen that anywhere on their new marketing materials. It’s really a shame, the Matrix shafts before they chased J. Beeson off were the best in the game. Altus hybrid, Altus 2007 Proto woods, TP6/7, TP6/7HD, and the F6/7M2s still beat any shaft I’ve ever tried in terms of launch, spin, and feel. If they would re-issue a true copy of any of those shafts, they’d fly off the shelves and populate Tour bags.
  11. I've played this shaft for a while as the stock option in my Evnroll ER5B. You definitely feel a difference from normal stepped shafts. I would agree that it appears to mute feel/feedback to some extent, but depending on your putter head and preferences, that may not be a bad thing. Like @KevCannon , I just had a BGT Stability Tour installed in my ER5. So, we'll see how it turns out - I'm picking it up today hopefully. If you're changing shafts out anyway, it may be worth it to install something that actually gives you statistical benefits. The swingweight on my build isn't changing much at
  12. Yes, it has come in. It's definitely the 2kxv green. Good to know on the blue/vs-proto similarities. I'm sure the green/NV are similar then!
  13. Thanks so much @Stuart_G ! I didn't think it was the 2KXV because I didn't see that anywhere on the graphics, and it wasn't listed as such on eBay. Does anyone have any feedback on whether the 2KXV lived up to the classic NV in terms of feel? They're pretty cheap in various places, so I'd be interested in trying out the classic NV if users think the 2KXV missed the mark there. I liked my results in my first test session, so I'm interested in exploring this profile. But, if most think that the 2KXV is basically a carbon copy of the classic NV or even better, then I'll just stick with this.
  14. I just ordered a used Aldila NV NXT green in 65g stiff. It's black with a green NV and some binary digits on it. Can someone help me figure out which version of the shaft I have? I thought I had found the original NV Green, but this looks like an update. However, I'm also seeing NV NXTs with a green paint job and white NV on it. So, I'm not sure which version I have. I like the feel of it, and I know the classic NV is still used by many. Is this version an upgrade over the original, the same, or a lesser rendition? Thanks in advance
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