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  1. Srixon z545 at 32* 37-3/8" w/ Modus 125 Stiff 170
  2. I have the same problem. When I get quick in transition, my shafts aren't "stiff enough" and droop excessively and i hit my irons fat and get too steep with long clubs. After experimenting with shafts that are (according to promo materials) too stiff for me, I definitely prefer a shaft that's too stiff and can't release enough versus one that deflects too much at the bottom unless my tempo is great. Part of it is that my miss is a hook anyway, so with a TX (when I should only have a stiff shaft in driver) I feel like I can swing as hard as I want, which in turn helps my tempo. When I feel too much deflection in the shaft, I start trying to match my timing to the loading/unloading of the club I think as opposed to dictating the loading pattern with my tempo. Heavier weight has also helped me (even though I'm lanky if anything).
  3. From anyone that has tried both, do any of the new Project X LZ iterations match up to the Nippon 1150GH? I have played the Modus 105 stiff and x-stiff, the Modus 120 stiff and x-stiff, and the Modus 125 stiff. The 1150GH still is better and different for me than any of them. That being said, I've also had success with the Project X LZ 6.0, but didn't find it to be stable enough. So, I was wondering whether a Project X LZ 6.5 or one of the newer models would be a comparison. I know the LZ has a stiffer butt and tip relative to the mid section than the traditional Project X, and it seems like most people go from Project X to 1150GH in the threads I've read. Just a thought - I might just have to splurge for a set of the 1150GH. Does anyone know if you can still order them through Nippon? If my club-builder can do that, he'll at least comp the installation. Otherwise, I have to buy the set and pay for the pull and install. This is a very curious shaft. PS - does anyone know if the elusive Modus Tour 115 (not the wedge shaft) is close?
  4. I think your third paragraph is exactly right. The key is that now they can make a 60 gram shaft that is just as predictable and stout as the DG X100 (relatively). I remember hearing them mention this specifically on TXG when talking about the reason that so many Pros were and still are playing the Ventus velocore shafts. Ian said that many golfers were able to go down in weight while retaining the stoutness of a higher weight, thereby increasing club and ball speed without sacrificing consistency. Regarding the overall topic, I think we're in the last years of the X100 dominating the entire tour, and it's because the new generations will not have grown up on DG X100 exclusively. It's also easier now for pros to make equipment changes than before due to launch monitor feedback and tour van fitting technology. Pro's can trust changes much faster than watching ball flights on the range. Ancer has graphite shafts (in Miuras no less). I think KBS will continue to rise (it's already in lots of bags), then Nippon will continue to grow. Then, brands like LA Golf will make a Cobra-like push.
  5. Seriously, a lot of GolfWRX threads are going this direction now, and it's really sad. It's almost a guarantee that every thread will have at least one tangential argument that derails. I hope we don't lose the what makes this place great which is that it is the ultimate information source for golfers. Stay on Facebook comment threads if you want to start arguments
  6. mwcallison

    SIK Putters

    This is the exact combination I'm looking at down to the grip. How would you describe the feel/softness compared to your other putters? I've tried the Sik putters out but never one with BGT shaft (I've used a BGT Tour on an Evnroll before).
  7. Any interest in an Evnroll Black ER5 with BGT Stability Tour shaft?
  8. He had a chip from behind the green on 18 for birdie to make the playoff in the morning dew and left it about 3 inches short. Out of his five holes left today, he had 2 birdies (one tap-in) and three tap-in pars. His stated strategy beforehand was to minimize the big mistakes and play clean golf, and to his credit, he did that, but after the rain delay, he saw the scores and went aggressive. He hit some fantastic shots today in clutch situations. In his last two starts, he's gone T-8 / T-11 at the PGA and Memorial on two difficult courses against two of the best fields so far this year. Both tournaments, he had one bad day that kept him out of true contention (post-Rahm WD obviously). Phil was the inspiration for the masses, but I think Spieth's breakthrough via going back to his old/natural/original swing definitely gave Rickie a little extra confidence in his own attempt to do the same thing.
  9. WRXers, Has anyone had an experience using tungsten putty (like the type used for pinewood cars) on club heads? I'd like to use it as a somewhat temporary measure before going to the powder/cork route once I get the swingweights dialed in. I don't like the way lead tape gets stuck to certain irons, and it becomes very hard to remove. Also I figured the tungsten putty would be extremely easy to mold into shape and customize the exact weight. It's a cheap investment so I may just try and report back but wanted to check here first.
  10. Did you add any weight in the club head? Sometimes that can make the shaft feel "looser", especially on a driver. Or maybe you started swinging faster
  11. Hey WRXers, Gently used Skytrak $2,200 shipped to CONUS (will ship internationally but will need to discuss rates, etc.) Just moved into an apartment with a Full Swing simulator and while it's not nearly as good as SkyTrak, I don't have a garage for a hitting bay now and I'm already paying for it with my rent. So, I'm selling something I thought I'd have for at least 4-5 more years. It's in perfect condition, just used it a week ago at the driving range off mats with the iPad. As you can see it's in perfect condition, and I've never had any problems with it at all. I can provide as much shipping insurance/protection as the buyer would like, and I am happy to answer any questions. Thanks!
  12. So far, the Modus 125 is my favorite Modus shaft. It really is like a hybrid between the Dynamic Gold profile and the Modus feel/launch/flight. The biggest variable from golfer to golfer on these forums seems to be spin. For me, I definitely did produce more spin, but I also added a half club of distance. So: win-win for me. It seems very underrated and under-discussed because I think I lot of golfers would like them for their weight class. From my perspective, even though the spin went up, it's so easy to adjust that with bend club loft and/or changing the golf ball along with improving mechanics, that it didn't bother me at all when given the strike consistency they gave me with what felt like very little effort for a +125g shaft, especially with added distance to boot.
  13. Regarding whether raw wedges have measurable benefits versus the aesthetic placebo effect, I think it’s more of a question of plated faces versus non-plated faces (I.e. raw). On the average dry-lie shot, there will be no real difference. However, unplated/raw wedges do have measurable benefits for wet lies/wet balls because the average chrome plating greatly reduces spin and increases launch angle. That said, PING’s Glide 3.0 hydro-pearl finish has proven in tests conducted by multiple outlets to have the best wet condition performance. i would say another likely point here is that the average chrome wedge is now performing better in wet conditions than its 10 year old counterpart. So, the discrepancy in wet condition performance for raw wedges was likely greater in the past. Given the frequency of at least slightly wet lies for short game shots in most climates, this would have a substantial impact that would support some of the anecdotal opinions on raw wedges.
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