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  1. LHGolf4 - does your Skytrack show you the flight path when you hit into a net? I'm also curious if these monitors can be used with softer/practice golf balls when using a net? Thanks, Adam
  2. I thought that the sound was very different between the G410 LST and G425max. I'm the opposite, and like the G425 max sound but didn't care for the G410. How much impact did the hot melt make?
  3. Ha, I'm guilty of using these products with an Orange Whip or SuperSpeed clubs too! With 3 young boys, I can't get to the range as much as the old days. The do-it-yourself approach in the backyard is my best solution to stop hitting so many houses.
  4. Hey GolfWRXers, I received my Gbox shallower yesterday. I'm on a year and a half kick to stop going over the top and shallow the club. Started with the Planemate, and added Gboxes roughly 8 months ago. Been making good progress but have been working out the kinks of getting stuck. Also been using a Tour Striker smart ball to help stay connected. As far as 1st impressions, am excited about the shallower. I'm a righty, and have been wearing it on my left arm, with the smallest box. Am able to stay connected throughout the entire swing. The box's angles create a good fit and
  5. Newb question, in your shop do you add the hotmelt more for weight or sound?
  6. I'm curious about the impact on the hot melt as well. I liked how the 410 looked but couldn't stand the sound.
  7. One image is slightly covering the price. Can you confirm your ask is $675?
  8. There's a Trackman Studio in Austin, TX called Rok Golf. They have Srizon clubs to demo. I always test the Z785 to my 718 AP2's, and as much as I like the Srizon looks, I think the AP2's has a better feel. Even though they are now a model behind I don't see them being knocked out of the bag for a while. I do want to demo Mizuno.
  9. The 818 H2 17* went fast. I'm in the market for that head, they can be hard to find.
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