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  1. He's got a point there... Why not just work on hitting your 3 iron more, that should bring out the swing flaws. Better yet...how about hitting your 2 iron (if available)? If you're really adventurous, try hitting its 1 iron? The 845s that I game came with a 1-SW and I hit its 1 iron from time to time if my swing gets a little complacent. I still carry and hit a 2 iron
  2. Ok thanks for the feedback. I’ll probably steer clear of Brookhaven.
  3. I admittedly don’t switch clubs very often. I played the Cleveland TA2’s and about 10 years ago switched to the CG1’s. I probably didn’t have the game for them at the time but the first year or so playing them helped me be a better ball striker and lower my scores. I’m curios if there’s some tough to hit blades that I could swing at the range to help hone me in a bit more. Sorry if this is a dumb question.
  4. I’m torn between the F8+ and G400. Should I wait a few months to see if the prices will drop a bit, or is this about as low as they’ll get new?
  5. Hello, I'm interested in joining a club in 2019. I'm torn between a ClubCorp membership where my home course will be Brookhaven or possibly getting a annual pass to Grapevine municipal which is unlimited play. It appears to be pretty similar price wise since ClubCorp is waving initiation fees and offering a discount of their Young executive membership. My concerns are how busy each course will be, if I will be able to walk up and play most weekdays after work, possible extra fees with ClubCorp, etc. I live in Carrollton and work in Coppell so both courses are good location wise. Any advi
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