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  1. This is helpful, thanks. Going to send these and Verdict to my group to make a pick. Thanks all!
  2. Staying near Panthers stadium for a ball game, but that doesnt matter - we are willing to travel within the nearby area for a better course. Thanks.
  3. Afternoon, all. Ive perused some previous posts about Charlotte, but havent seen much focus on public golf. Im heading to town mid November with some buddies and looking to play a round. We don't know anyone in town, let alone golfers who belong to any clubs, so we are focused on public courses. Any recommendations? Whats the best public option in the area? Thanks!
  4. I hear you - but I really like the cover and overpaid for it, so if I can invest a few bucks in bringing it back to life, I'd like to.
  5. People are paying a lot for them. Check out ebay.
  6. I have a pretty standard putter headcover and the magnets inside have come loose and are floating inside the headcover. On one side, two have joined together; on the other they are just floating around. What a mess. My assumption is that I just need to take this to a tailor, have them open it up, reset the magnets and sew them in place? Has anyone else had this issue? Im hoping its not a major expense, but I kind of dont mind, I really like my headcover. Thanks in advance.
  7. Just wrapped up my trip and wanted to share my itinerary: PGA West/La Quinta (Mountain) - first round of the trip. Amazing views, crazy that holes are literally at the foot of the mountains. I was very disappointed with the conditions - multiple tee boxes and greens burned out. I thought this would be the norm everywhere, but it wasnt. Every other course I played was in much better shape - this one really struggled. Im sure this is an amazing course in season. PGA West (Stadium) - LOVED this course. Such an interesting layout - hardly a flat lie anyplace. In great shape too. Really enjoyed it. Desert Willow (Firecliff) - really liked this course a lot. Great condition and fun layout. Little bit chaotic in the clubhouse. No starter, so I went out behind a twosome, with a single in front of them, then two fivesomes in front of them. Very slow day and no marshal to move things along. But I enjoyed the course. Big Rock - not in any of the recommendations, but I was scrambling last second and this is all I could nab on GolfNow. Pretty plain, not all that special. Not a soul on the course, played 18 in under 2 hours. Indian Wells Celebrity - saved the best for last. What a great course. Really loved the layout, clubhouse is amazing, staff was great. Also loved that they had water/ice every 3 holes. Some of the places I played only had ice/water at the clubhouse, which sucked when it was 105 out. Classics was closed, Indian Wells Players was closed. And despite calling 3 separate times, I was unable to get out on Shadow Ridge due to events. Wish I could stay another week to play more! Love it out here. Thanks so much for everyone's input.
  8. I appreciate all the feedback, thanks. Im surprised to see the comment about humidity - I had always assumed very low humidity in PS, like in Arizona. I played in Scottsdale in 105 heat, no humidity and it wasnt bad at all. Will definitely play by ear with the weather and report back - thanks again.
  9. Thanks all - very helpful, much appreciated!
  10. I'm headed to Palm Spring in August for a week (insert joke about poor timing with the weather). Looking to play 3-4 rounds, money is not a factor - I'm happy to pay more for the best places. This may be a one time trip to visit. I have PGA West on my list for sure. Maybe La Quinta. Where else should I go? Thanks in advance.
  11. alaaro

    The Pit?

    Might this be where the rumored course #10 will be built? Not sure if anyone recalls, but when Barstool did the auction fundraiser for Pinehurst employees that lost their jobs, one of the auctions was to tour the site of the future #10 course with Bill Coore. Hmm...
  12. Just played Dormie last weekend on a package - blown away. What a property. If you have a chance to play before they go private - do it. So secluded - the only thing on the course are the resort cottages that are on maybe 2-3 holes at most. Amazing layout, greens are spectacular.
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