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  1. Thanks! I did that and have seen a lot of mentions that people love the course or have played it. Seems like many have their clubs call for a reciprocal, but unfortunately Im not a club member. If you have any suggestions, Id appreciate them!
  2. Ill be in Naples for most of December. Hoping for a kind soul to bring me out on Calusa. Been on my bucket list for years and never have been able to finagle my way on. Anyone know how I can get out there?
  3. alaaro

    Naples Golf

    January is tough - thats essentially high season and the prices are off the charts. As an example, Tiburon is one of my favorites - $250 in January, $60 in the summer. Panther Run a little east of Naples is decent - pretty wide and not too challenging, but in good condition. Arrowhead and Valencia are other public places in Naples - decent, not all that great. Old Corkscrew in Estero is really good - but will likely be in the $150 range.
  4. I have a Ridge also and I love it. Cash gets folded into 3rds instead of half, but its not a big deal. Big fan!
  5. From their site? They have had the same sale ad up for a year plus and dont seem to be getting any new inventory.
  6. I wear a 13 and was able to fit two pairs in the bag. Very roomy - I love it.
  7. What ever happened to the golf boat shoe, Canoos? Their website doesnt seem to have been touched in ages. I love these shoes and would love to seem them resurrected.
  8. Thanks. Thats what I thought, but needed some validation. He does make putters, but it seems they are only available to his buddies on IG. Cant imagine joe schmoe public paying $3K for a putter.
  9. Need some opinions here. Is it completely hacky to have a Lamb Crafted headcover without a Lamb putter?
  10. Thank goodness. Northern VA courses are impossible to get tee times on - parking lots full of Maryland plates.
  11. I have one from columbia that I like a lot. Very thin material that doesnt get warm at all. Im sure thicker more robust fabrics will protect from germs better, but that just gets uncomfortable.
  12. Ive had a Club Glove for a decade and fly with my clubs 12 times a year or so. I think I have one rip in my bag, about a quarter inch long. The bag is near indestructible. Never had any damage issues at all with my clubs. Love it. Thinking about upgrading to the XL just so I can carry more stuff.
  13. I have quite a few FJ shorts and they do tend to run true to size.
  14. Yep, I got it in just before they shut down. Im sure that means I wont get it until June, but whatever. Got that discount.
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