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  1. Thanks for that! I wonder if that includes gripped or not. Appreciate the info as always.
  2. Accra TZ5 Proto 65 M5 xflex with ping g410 tip. Listing as used but has seen 2 rounds of golf. No tipping and plays to 44-1/2 in G410. Shaft is mint grip is mint and plays logo down when in standard setting. $190 obo US only
  3. Price reduction. I just did price searches and fleabay has sets new at $1200. $1100 OBO
  4. PRICE DROP $1000 for complete set $825 heads only! P7MC 4-PW Bbandfco ferrules kbs tour V 120x soft stepped (1x). *Sob Story* bought these off the rack had my local club builder install shafts/grips/ferrules because I couldn’t wait for the back order. Wife has since been laid off due to covid so I’m doing the husbandly thing and making sure my fam is 100% in these times. It’s what we do right, clubs will come and go. Standard lie/loft. I want to be completely transparent when selling here. They were supposed to be +1/4 inch and idk if it’s because of the grips being
  5. Evenflow black 6.0 stiff flex golf pride bct used 2 round waiting for aftermarket shaft. 44in grip time tip $sold 3 KBS 610 wedge shafts 125g S+ played standard length in Sm8s, 9 holes used. I did not have the speed for these shafts in wedges pretty stout. golf pride bct $80 obo
  6. Man oh man if someone would buy my mp 20mbs these would have been off your hands the minute you posted! Fingers crossed GLWS
  7. Yes 33° 7 iron, 45° PW. That’s just what’s always worked for me and the 50/54/58 wedges.
  8. Appreciate it! Will definitely be on my next set as well.
  9. Sorry No trades. Unless you have the new p7mc or p770s then we can work a deal plus cash on my end.
  10. Feeler sale. I have a good amount invested but I could use a little more bounce for these soft conditions (other than weakening the lofts) Standard length/lie, loft is 1° strong (33° 7 iron) clubs are D2.5 from 4-9 and D3 PW. I had to buy these clubs stock off the rack because of Covid and have them built separately with shafts and ferrules. My stupidity is your gain. I do not have the original box due to selling other clubs but will be safely packaged and shipped Fed-Ex. Very good condition have played 4 rounds and no grass range just mats. asking $900 OBO
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