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  1. Shaft itself is practically brand new. The tip is from my old TS driver so that’s not shiny. No bag chatter nicks or scratches. Used it for 3 range sessions. Brand new multi compound grip. Length is pictured below grip to tip looks in between 43.25-43.5. Original seller said it was Not tipped. $250 obo shipped in the US
  2. Bought these new off the shelf when the sm7s first came out and used them on and off since. They were black finish taken to the raw. Pics taken directly in the led light to show the best/worst condition paint fill and heads could be cleaned more but you get the idea. Standard L/L/L with stock dynamic gold wedge flex Midsize grips a year old. 52/12-D3 SW 56/14-D5 SW 60/10-D5 SW $215 obo shipped in the US.
  3. I have 2 standard weights (too heavy for 44in) and then 2 -2g weights. What weights do you have? I could be interested LOL
  4. I did do it. I’m running a Ventus red 6x and have 2 (-2g) weights in there. On the scale my head reads 199/200 and playing at 44in it’s between D2.1 and D2.4 depending on what my scale feels like telling me that day
  5. Gaming Kbs tour v 120x religiously the past 4 years and dabbled in the 125’s SSx1. Want to test some modus 130’s. I’ve heard they are stout animals. I’m assuming Stiff would be the route to go keeping the weight around 4.5G closer to the 120s. Anyone experiment with the X vs S compared to the 120x in the tour v
  6. 120g Stiff Practically new. Pulling from new Jpx 921 Tours. Only the 7 iron has been actually hit to compare with gamers. Standard Mizuno length...37” 7 iron...GP Zcord standard. sets are outrageously priced on eBay so let’s go with $210 obo.
  7. Just made the switch back to the 921 tours from Zx7s. No regrets
  8. Ventus Red 6 or 7x (with velocore) Tour ad bb 6 or 7x (or stiff tipped)
  9. RH tsi3 3wood 15 or 16.5° and tsi2 21° Preferably heads but will hear what you have. Thanks
  10. Never been hit but not in shrink wrap plastic wrapper so I don’t want to say new. Stock/Standard Mizuno length lie and loft KBS $-Taper PVD 120s D3 SW Z-cord standard grips. Pics tell the story. Pre-owned ones are going for $125-130 on Fleabay. So let’s say $120 obo shipped in the CONUS
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