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  1. You ain’t kidding haha I’ve played some mbs before settling for the happy medium players cbs. Miura blades being “the ones that got away” even I saw zero use of a 4 iron my fingers and hands say no thanks.
  2. Thank you really appreciate that. Yeah I’m definitely leaving towards just the 4i in the 0311p tight holes long par3 and some extra help on par 5 second shots.
  3. Much appreciated! I was trying to get a size comparison. Some say the 0311p are too big and others say not. I’m used to the players cavity back size. So if they are in line with the newer p770 then they are fine with me. Might snap a 0311p for the 4 iron and run the rest 0311t. Few 200+ par 3s at neighboring courses. Thanks again hope you are feeling better. Stay healthy and play well!
  4. What have you played in the past. Pics online can be deceiving. Looks/forgiveness compared to p7mc/p750/jpx921tours. 3 irons which I religiously go between lol.
  5. How would you compare the gen 3 Ts to other irons profile wise? I’ve played p750/p7mc/jpx 921 tours. Same head size and more forgiving? Thanks
  6. How would you compare 0311t to p750/p7mc/jpx921 tours? Size, offset and forgiveness wise. Looking at 4 iron gen3 P and 5-pw in the 0311t
  7. Ping G410 LST playing length 44-1/4 with 2 movable weights and some neutral hotmelt. Swing weight is D4 standard ping tour 65 S shaft. I could have cleaned the driver up more but you get the picture great used condition 1 barely noticeable nick one of the turbulators. $275 obo shipped in the US
  8. T100s 4-pw. Standard loft and lie +1/4in on length (37.25 for 7 iron). Shafts have no labels but are KBS Tour V 120x soft stepped 1 time, swing weight is D3-3.5 in Pw. BB&F ferrules. 6 rounds or less since these were new and only hit off range mats for practice. (Prices at bottom) SM8 wedge set 50-54-58. standard loft and lie +1/4 length D4-D5 in 58 50 is chrome and has KBS Tour V 120x soft stepped. 54&58 are raw finish and have KBS 610 wedge 115 58 could have been cleaned up better with some fine steel wool or Brillo pad but you get the idea. T100s-$875 OBO shipped US wedges-$300 OBO shipped US Take the complete set for $1100 west coast add $10 for shipping
  9. I played x100s soft stepped and threw these in my wedges to try them. All 3 are 8-iron shafts. 33.25,33.5,and 33.75 for lengths. These lasted 3 rounds before pulling. They are mint. $100 obo in the us
  10. New pulls from a set of T100s *no stepping *standard Titleist lengths * 34.25 PW & 37.25 4 iron for length reference. $185 obo shipped in the US Trades-Interested in some driver shafts with g410 tip or no tip at all. tensei pro white or orange 60S tour ad di 6s tour ad bb 6s any Ventus Velocore 6s
  11. Have not surprisingly but I did try Kbs tour 120 iron shafts in the wedges and was shocked when I couldn’t get along with them.
  12. I had 6.0 LZs in my sm7s I should have just stuck with. Mid flight high spin in my year with them. Just throwing the feelers out there.
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