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  1. I'm curious if anyone has tried this and what they charge to reshaft a set.
  2. Ping Ketsch Vault 2.0 Arm Lock 43 inch 6 degrees of loft red dot lie JumboMax 17 inch grip $275 shipped OBRO 94E8C5EC-4B8B-4497-A44E-EAE05C50AC4E.heic 2D941A0A-D3BF-4895-84F0-A281296CC241.heic D87250EE-0CEE-4E6F-AEA4-F3E09E9A4626.heic 94E8C5EC-4B8B-4497-A44E-EAE05C50AC4E.heic
  3. Can you please change my display name to PantherFritz Thanks
  4. For those interested in this putter it's worth noting some retailers are selling it for 399, some for 440 and some for 499. Shop around.
  5. My dad bought these when I was in high school, 1 iron through lob! I thought they were the coolest clubs ever made. He traded them away eventually but I still have the 1 iron, sand wedge, and lob. I’ve been a ping fan ever since.
  6. I haven't watched the video yet, but the caption on Instagram says-Caution: Prototype Equipment Present. In our first episode of Radar at PING HQ, Wayne 'Radar' Riley explores the PING Proving Grounds.
  7. My Hoofer Tour arrived over the weekend. It's not for carrying in my opinion. As someone who doesn't like using a cart bag I think I'll be using this as my push cart and travel bag for when I know I'm going to be riding. I'll stick with either my L8 or four series for my carrying rounds.
  8. I received my Hoofer Tour over the weekend. Seems like a very well made bag. I'm not sure it'll be my carry bag though. I can see myself using this as my push cart bag or for traveling when I know I'll be riding. Wish it had the cart strap pass through.
  9. **Mevo+ requires 8 feet of ball flight for accurate measurements. In addition, the unit needs to be placed 7 feet behind the ball. Please keep these measurements in mind if planning to use mevo+ indoors.
  10. I wonder if Ping Staffers are going to have this bag as an option going forward. They had all their staffers using stand bags for a few tourneys last year. It would make sense to promote their stand bags.
  11. Can you order these yet? I still have some shop credit to use up.
  12. Size 13 Foot Joy My Joys They say “Send it” on the heels. Brand New Never Worn 130shipped
  13. > @Pingfitz said: > Glide 3.0 available for order today! Talked to PING CS at 12:54 EDT, get your orders in fast! How much?
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