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  1. Step 1: Buy a g410 12 degrees. Step 2: Reduce the loft by 2 degrees, which will open the face up. Step 3: Put the weight in the fade setting. Fine tune it if it slices too much and if that is not enough, like all problems, equipment can only do so much. Aim to the right of the target line and on holes where the consequence of it not going where expected, consider a different club all together.
  2. I play on a links course with extreme wind in the uk next to the sea on top of the cliffs, one day I can take a 9 iron into the 11th, the next day, I'm struggling to get there with a 5 iron. Last week a guy off 3 shot an 88 during a windy comp, a week later, he shot a 70. Trust me, its hard. This was a first team player 3 years ago. He can play. And he's a green keeper there. Here are some observations. 1) Golf ball isn't really going to help. 2) Teeing the driver a bit lower and hitting it less hard into the wind will. 3) Figure out quickly how many clubs of wind it is,
  3. I actually quite like his ratings, I accept there might be some flaws (over 1000's of clubs), but generally speaking you can go on there and a beginner to mid handicap player can find a legitimately forgiving set of irons if they are in the 750-980 range. If you're a low handicap player you should know the game/equipment well enough not to need this sort of stuff anyway. There might be some oddities on there like the i500's which I do not believe are as extreme as the list makes out, but if you're looking for a forgiving set of irons and you selected something in the 850-980 range, you
  4. Thanks according to callaway, my standard size callaway steelhead xr should be the following. I put them side by side and they look identical but will have to confirm. #4 20.5° RH / LH 38.875" 60.5° 0.200 D0 D2
  5. I'm one of those players who shut down mentally when things are going really badly. Today, it was going really bad, but I decided to hang in there then something crazy happened and I ended up winning by one point. I hope this inspires others off mid handicaps that even when you get a crappy start, things can be turned around if you keep plugging away. This was only playing a 4 iron as my longest club off the tee too slope index 128 plus with a reasonable amount of wind, hence the terrible start. Currently playing off 12.4, was off 13 today, should drop back down to circa 10 as I was
  6. Guy has 49,5111 feedback at 100% and sells everything golf. But yeah, I'm starting to get that "I been ripped off feeling" No way this club is responding right ,I spend a lot of time hitting balls on gc2 sim, I know what 4.5 degrees of loft should do to a shot and the fact that is not doing it is weird. Especially with the shot data I have seen other youtubers get. I wrote to the guy anyway saying whats up so will update this if I find anything else in case it helps others, in the meantime I will try and book a sim session on GC2 and get some hard data.
  7. Since when do LOWER LOFTED CLUBS COME IN THE SAME LENGTH AS HIGHER LOFTED ONES? I was NOT ordering cobra one length. I should not need to ask. its well known that driving iron shafts ARE longer than standard 4 irons shafts.
  8. I don't really get what you're talking about left hack? Its a 17.5 degree driving iron which can go as low as 16 degrees, which is going no further than my 20.5 degree 4 iron. Even if I turn it down to 16 degrees, nothing seems to happen and its certainly not going the extra distance it should. I looked at LOADS of reviews before buying this and my clubhead speed matched or exceed many of them and they were all getting 250+ My 4 iron goes about 225-235 total. I just got back from the course having hit it for an hour next to my 4 iron and I can't separate the performance and I got pl
  9. I bought a new Cobra 17.5 degree utility iron off a dealer on ebay. It was a KBS Tour C Steel Stuff 120. Two things. The shaft it came with is the same length as my 4 iron in my standard set. I thought driving irons like this came with something longer? It doesn't seem to be getting any further than my 4 iron. Probably by large due to it being 17.5 and having the same shaft length as my 4. Did I get ripped off, or is this a normal thing? Cos at this moment in time, I just paid £150 for something that does exactly what I have already.
  10. I snapped the shaft on my g400 crossover, which was a ping tour x flex. I am using it for an off the tee club, especially now my ankle is bad and driver swings seems to flare it up. I can't seem to find another one on ebay . Shops by me only seem to stock and want to sell the latest stuff, often which I find isn't as good as the stuff I already have. I am not sure of what measurements or fitting I need for a custom shaft, of which I would be willing to invest as I like the club. When the shaft was in the club it did not have an adapter on it, it was just straight up glued in to the sh
  11. Simple, people were making birdies 50-60 years ago with clubs which were probably NOT as good as today's counterfeit clubs, so the debate isn't can counterfeit clubs be good enough to play some decent golf and make a birdie with a talented player at the helm, its about. If you're buying 100 grams of gold, you don't expect to be given Silver.
  12. Well this sucks, I usually buy my drivers second hand on ebay and now I'm terrified :) Incidentally I believe I also had a fake 410 plus, guy at the course was selling the head for 279 almost as soon as he bought it. I passed. A month later he offered it me for £100. I bit his hand off but when I hit it it sounded awful, mega loud to the point where it would hurt my ears and I would feel embarrassed about using it. Gave it to a local pro who plays on Euro Tour, never once seen him do a bad shot on the range, he scuffs two to the left off the range. That never happens....Until now. It also p
  13. Some cool advise thanks. I don't think I will ever fix my slice, I would essentially have to learn to play golf again and I'm not sure I have the heart to go through that. I have been trying and had some nice shots with a grip change, but its also brought other problems into my game like topping the ball off the tee and I never used to do that. I have just moved from a links course to a really tight woodland and I'm getting chewed to bits. Its in my nature to exhaust cheap fixes and hacks before I concede to pure hard work and I have some avenues to pursue.
  14. The obvious answer is the SFT, but I'm not sure I see the point in denying myself the benefits of the Plus. I get the SFT has a 20g weight, but those can be bought for the Plus and I think the stock weight is 16g and I have the option of a 9 degree head then vs the 10.5 and 12 for the SFT. I guess what I am asking is. Would a 410 PLUS with 20g weight in the left has side be as draw biased as a SFT and a smarter buy with more scope for fitting if my game evolves. I am in an all out war to induce more left tilt axis with driver hardware before I rip my swing apart. I saw some great resul
  15. I see no harm in asking the club for some help. I think a 50 percent split would be fine.It would be a rational and decent thing to do. my problem is I left the club. If a new member joins they pay from the month they join until next april, if I rejoin as late as Feb 2021, they charge me for 12 months service despite me only being able to play for one. Not that I would join that late, but yo get my point. Its BS. Anyway I moved on so leave it at that. Next time I hear of glof clubs struggling, I'll not be surprsied.
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