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  1. He uses GC Quad which measures club speed 5 mph higher than Trackman so his club speed is actually 105-108.
  2. I'm currently using a Fujkura Atmos Blue 6s that I got fitted for when my ball speed was only 150 mph. Now it tends to launch a bit to the left and feels very whippy. Launch and spin wise it's good (12 launch, 2500 spin). I'm just looking for more control but same launch conditions. I read the Hzrdus Yellow 6.5 would launch about the same, anyone have experience with that? I'm playing my driver at 44.5 inches if that makes any difference
  3. Hello! I'm wondering what kind of shaft would suit me. My ball speed is 165-170 mph and my swing goes to 9/10 of parallel. My tempo is around 3 with driver. Attack angle is level. Paired with a Rad Speed 10.5 head.
  4. My F9 cracked a month ago. Cobra was nice and sent me the Rad Speed model. So far I've seen some major differences. The Rad Speed launches lower and spins less with the same loft. I'd actually prefer the F9 over the Rad Speed as I can't launch it high enough without putting weights in the back setting.
  5. Hello! I measured my wrist to floor and it came out 34" without shoes. I'm 5'11 and ping chart says I need standard lie clubs. At my club I get access to Trackman. So I tested it and my dynamic lie was every time 1.1 with irons and wedges (standard lie angles). I play off 0.6 and have a very consistent swing. My hits are 4 mm towards heel on average. So it means my toe is up at impact and I need clubs bent flat? Shots ended up 2-3 meters left of target
  6. https://www.pgatour.com/content/pgatour/stats/stat.02401.y2021.eoff.t011.html They're still swinging it 114 mph on average, meaning they don't hit their 7 iron much faster than back then. Their ball speeds with irons are significantly lower than actually because they don't always go after it but swing it 3/4 or smooth to get the exact distance (par 3s play different lengths, not just 10 yard gaps).
  7. I'm in! My F9 just cracked and Cobra will be sending me a Rad Speed driver so this would make a good combo
  8. UPDATE: Cobra will be replacing both our drivers with the Rad Speed models.
  9. Just noticed my friends driver has the exact same crack. We bought them the same day and been using them for pretty much the same amount.
  10. Hello! I bought a Cobra F9 Speedback driver in July 2019. Last weekend I was hitting on the simulator and when the smash factor dropped, I noticed a crack in the face and have not hit it after that. I took it to the store I bought it from and they made a complaint to Cobra and I'm waiting for response. After searching the internet I found someone had pretty much identical crack in their F9. This is a 10.5° head with stiff shaft.
  11. I tested my 915 fairway wood last weekend on Trackman and got 1.5 smash factor easily. I'm swinging the fairway wood at 108 mph and ball speed was 162. Spin and launch were close to optimal, getting me a 260 yard carry.
  12. Professional golfers hit 1.3 degrees down on the ball on average. Usually the more you hit up on the ball, the more inconsistent you are with the strikes and clubface control. For them it's more important than the extra yards (stats show this too).
  13. But it's nothing compared to the GPU supply problems
  14. I don't know where you live but I'd advise you to check second hand sites first. You can get a full hd recommended graphics pc for around 400-500 dollars if you find components used. Right now it isn't a very good time to build a pc though, as components are in short supply and prices up (at least in Europe). I wouldn't recommend buying a package PC (one that is branded).
  15. The gap between my 3 wood and driver is around 5 mph. I hit 3 wood 105 mph and driver 110 mph on Trackman.
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