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  1. also just swapped out the u500 for the ZX. putting in an aftermarket shaft in it as we speak!
  2. ya i was originally estimated at 1-2 weeks. now its looking like its gonna be 8 weeks total
  3. currently still waiting on a set i ordered a month ago. seems like theyre having some issue keeping the heads in stock
  4. i played a mavrik for maybe 5 round and never gelled with it. am now in the proto x+ and love it. dispersion wise its a game changer. im finding way more fairways than i did with the mavrik
  5. I do this exact thing! 17 degree Titleist u500 into a 21 degree Titleist TS3 Hybrid. Gives me a lot of versatility. The 2 irons is pretty much only off the tee, but the hybrid is great for par 3's that are over 200, and around the course. It's my first hybrid because like you i could never hit them. But after spending some time with it ive found a reliable straight and very high ball flight with it
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