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  1. mine are out for delivery! will post some pics later
  2. The red in my 4 wood is tipped .5" and i think it's helped a lot with dispersion FWIW
  3. another vote for Ventus Red! Have it in my 4 and 7 wood. very stable shaft and great launch for fairway woods
  4. Looks like mine are scheduled to ship april 19. ordered from discount dans on 3/22
  5. Ordered zx7 4-pw on 3/29 from discount Dan’s. Heard back today it’s looking like early to mid may. Crossing my fingers it’s not longer!
  6. As someone with TCB's coming my way, any chance of these showing up to retail anywhere?
  7. I've replaced mine with a 7 wood this year. I love my driving iron but the 7 wood just makes way more sense for me. I definitely miss having the option of it off the tee, but im working on reliable fairway finder with my 4 and 7 wood
  8. they look so good! what are your first impressions? im coming up on 3 weeks since i ordered from DD's so hopefully ill get mine soon
  9. more pics from Reddit. I asked Jonny Wunder on there if they would ever come to retail and he said probably not. Im just as frustrated by you on this one!
  10. Prices include shipping and PP fees! PM me with questions or offers. Thanks! Epic Speed 4 wood w/ Graphite Design AD TP 7x - 400 Built by Callaway, plays 42.25 inches. Z Grip 3 wraps logo down. Graphite Design Tour AD XC 8x - sold Built by Will Peoples, Has Titleist tip, will play at 41 inches. Perfect for a 7 wood!
  11. How’s this? I have the stock smoke rdx shaft in a right now but a ventus red 7x on the way
  12. I also have a tsi2 7 wood with a red ventus 9x and love it. Just picked up a tsi3 4 wood. Have taken it to the course yet, I just preferred the look of the tsi3 in a stronger lofted wood and was getting similar numbers with both the 2 and the 3
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