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  1. cant speak to spin as im only comparing on the course and range, but the UW flight is definitely lower, less towering.
  2. Distance wise, I went with the 21 degree to go against my G425 7 wood (at 19.5) and the carry distances match up really well
  3. In my experience the midsize Winn wrap grip is similar to the standard size best grips. I would suggest ordering 1 to test out before buying a whole set though
  4. Those old Lamkin cords are great! I have one left from my stock but can’t bring myself to put it on any of my putters. Saving it for something special maybe haha
  5. Plays 1/4 inch shorter than standard. Like new, only been used 2 rounds. Price is gonna be 150$ including shipping and PP. thanks for looking!
  6. have both the KBS and the s400 onyx. the KBS is a glossy steel finish. Have had them all year and have not noticed any chipping. the Onyx is a more matte finish
  7. Anyone find more info or pictures on the Fli Hi? Thats what im after
  8. Check out Haus Of Golf in Costa Mesa. Great fitters and the best club builders i've found in the LA area
  9. I took mine out for the first time yesterday! I have it shafted with an Atmos Blue 8x. I have a 21 degree to go up against my 7 wood. I really like it so far, its much easier to work and flight the ball then my 7 wood. Also should mention that ive never gotten along with hybrids. I would equate it to fairway woods that i played as a junior (early 2000's). Also I think its for everyone really, My friend who is a 18 handicap hit it a few time and really loved it. So much that he picked up a 17 degree on his way home to replace his 4 wood.
  10. If I recall, the 2.5 inch tipped was on a build sheet posted by callaway I put an Atmos Blue 8x in my 21 degree and took it out for the first time today. Really awesome club, super easy to work and flight the ball. Reminds me of higher lofted woods from the early 2000’s!
  11. Hey guys! Just picked up a B2 with a press 1.5 grip on it. Any feedback to how the B2 might play differently with a standard pistol style grip? Will it mess with the loft or would i just have to initiate a forward press in my stroke to deliver the intended loft? Thanks!
  12. Found this picture on IG, cant wait to pick one of these up in the full production release.
  13. nice! im in between getting the 19 or the 21, will have to hit them. where did you pick one up? are they in stores yet?
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