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  1. anyone know when these are coming to retail?
  2. haha yes this is my first go around with a center shafted putter. just sent my mezz back to LAB to get adjusted. cant wait to get it back!
  3. I got one with a sight dot which has always been my preference. That dot inside the grey squares up super well for me! Also an update on my testing journey, I've found distance control to be a lot easier making the head heavier with lead tape. Im just used to super heavy putter heads. Im gonna be sending mine back in to have them add weight to the head. looking forward to getting it back on the course!
  4. I gamed both in the past year (same shaft and specs). I was awful with the TCB's. Definitely not forgiving at all. They look great though! On the other hand the ZX7's are the best irons I've ever hit and will be in my bag for many years!
  5. Agreed! Don’t think there are any kinks per day to work out. The concept and the build are well though out and fantastic. Also LAB is going to tweak mine a bit to add some more weight to my putter! Really looking forward to discussing my before/after impressions when I get it back!
  6. xandersingh

    SIK Putters

    Anyone have a Flo with a swept neck? Trying to decide between that neck and the slant neck. Looking for opinion and photos if you got em!
  7. Well the flood lights were out at the night golf course so I’ll have to wait till my next round on Wednesday!
  8. So I think I’m struggling with the fact that the Mezz is lighter than I’m used to. (I’m the reviewer who lead tapes all his putters). Decided to try this before nine holes of night golf tonight. Is this sacrilege for LAB putters??
  9. Condition is cosmetically not the best (see obvious high toe mark) but structurally and functional it’s great! Ping logo is also colored in a light blue color. Please see photos for condition. 175$ shipped in the lower 48!
  10. consistent grip pressure is something i should work on. what is a grip pressure that you recommend? tight or loose?
  11. anyone have any experience with the Fli Hi yet? Looking to add a 4 iron to my bag
  12. Quick update after my second round with the Mezz. I spent a good 30 minutes on the putting green before the round and was still struggling with speed and distance control. First 9 holes were really tough. Then on the back 9 something clicked. I had realized I was so focused on doing something different with my putting to accommodate the 'newness' of the Mezz, that I was just completely lost in my head about it. On the back 9 I decided to just go with my natural feels, and treat it like any other putter i've had. I found WAY more success. My speed improved greatly and i wasnt sacrificing any of the directional control I've gained with the Mezz. I think I'm just going to steadily and slowly improve with it until it beats out my other gamers. I have a big test with it on friday at Rustic Canyon in SOCAL. The greens there are really difficult to read and pretty quick. I always have a tough time putting there, so i'm looking forward to seeing how the Mezz performs for me!
  13. Ya I’m definitely gonna have to put in some time to make it work for me. Since I’ve always putter with a pop stroke, I use my hands a ton to throw the putter head at the ball in my stroke. Will be a fun adventure into switch things up!
  14. Up for sale is a super rare and hard to find holy grail 3 wood head! This is the tour only model made for Rahm. This is a head only sale as I want to keep the shaft. If it sells I will pull the head, if not I'll keep gaming it! This thing is ridiculously cool and unique and i've had a blast gaming it for the last few months, but my games requires something with a bit larger club head. I've taken very good care of it, cleaning it after every round/range session and always kept a head cover on it. Please see spec sticker for exact specs. Just looking to get back what I paid for it, price is 750$ shipped in the lower 48!
  15. Would love to get some feedback from other testers about any adjustments they make for the Mezz that differ from their standard setup/stroke with other putters? I always have setup my putts with the ball pretty close to my forward heel, so I wasnt expecting to change that much. But I feel like there is a piece of the puzzle of this putter that I just might not be understanding
  16. Not gonna get my hopes up for an adjustable 3HL. This SIM 2 Max had a 3hl
  17. TM Stealth 3 wood for me!
  18. not sure of this but tried my spider vault head cover and it doesnt work because the 'latch' part of the cover is in the middle. would need to be a head cover that accommodates a center shafted putter. other than that the head size is comparable with other standard mallets
  19. I have this combo and it looks fantastic! I also went with the sight dot, and the grey square around it is great. I feel the dot helps with centering the ball, and the grey square with aim
  20. Updated my original post with my full review!! If you have any questions pertaining to me review im happy to answer!
  21. I remember seeing on some store website that the steel shaft options are 1/4 inch shorter. the ones you have listed being the graphite length
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