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  1. Actually have a brand new XF that's supposed to be delivered today. For $300.00 I figure I'll sell the one I don't want and maybe make a few bucks and at least recoup the $330 (with shipping). Hitting the X with the heavy weight in the back pretty good, but excited to see the differences. I'll report back after I put the XF through its paces.
  2. I ordered a Gen 4 driver Wednesday night after close of business. To my surprise it shipped on Friday and will be here tomorrow, I'm in Oregon. 5 business days from order to receipt if it shows up tomorrow, and it is moving right along according to the Fed Ex tracking. Pretty amazing if you ask me.
  3. I know the answer is to hit them both but they're on sale for $300.00 and wanted to take advantage. I currently game the Gen 4 X. Hit it great at the fitting and at first with the heavy weight in the front. Started hooking the ball and struggled with it. Moved the heavy weight to the back and am now hitting it great, little draws. I'm a very average player, 10 handicap, and am wondering if I could stand to have more forgiveness. I'm a pretty high launch, high spin driver so that's why I got the X. The fitter didn't even have me hit the XF, and I didn't even thin
  4. I'm with you except I might have Trails #1 and Bandon Dunes #2. Everything is obviously awesome but Pac Dunes and Sheep Ranch are a clear #4 & 5 for me too.
  5. I've played the original 0211's for just over a year now and have cut my handicap just about in half. PXG is out at my club once or twice a week for fittings so I've gotten to hit everything from Gen 2 to Gen 4 and the new 0211. For the life of me can't find anything I like better than my clubs. Price isn't even a factor, the '19 0221's just feel and perform better than every other PXG irons I've tried, and I hit them all extensively off grass. I will say that if I was a good enough ball striker I'd play the new 0211 ST's, they are amazing. The OG 0211's give me th
  6. I'll be curious what you and others think too. The G400 Max is the first and only driver I've ever owned. (always used to hit a generic hand me down 3 wood when I was younger and finally got a driver when I got back into golf after a long layoff) I tried the others Epic, Sim, ect... at demo days but never got along with them as well as the Ping. The Gen 4 seems for me like a good balance of Ping forgiveness with more distance.
  7. Got the Gen 4 X today and got to hit it on the range and played 6 holes hitting multiple tee shots on each hole. I've played the G400 Max with the Tour 65 S shaft for the past 3+ years and its treated me pretty well. Even with the low spin shaft though I could find a way to sometimes spin it right and it just dies. I'm not a long hitter by any stretch and usually drove it 220-235 or so and would sometimes touch 240 with it. For me at least, the PXG is a monster. I was hitting it to places on the course I've played hundreds of times I've never been. Consistently
  8. I pulled the trigger on a Gen 4 X driver and it's supposed to be delivered to my club today. I'm going to try and get out there tomorrow and give it a go on a few holes and see how she does. I'll post details this weekend
  9. Wasn't really fit for the G400 Max. Got it at Golf Galaxy so I didn't get a proper fitting. I have a high spin high trajectory ball so the Max isn't the best driver for me. I saw the biggest improvements in the Gen 4 + on those slight mishits that spin a ton in the Max, but spin stayed down on the Gen 4 and stayed straight and penetrating. I did end up ordering the Gen 4+, can't wait to get it.
  10. yeah, I wasn't expecting them to break down the physics for me. I was just hoping for some guidance on whether it was worth it to spring for the Gen 4 vs. the Proto. I realized that at least with the guys I happened to talk to, just wanted to push me into the Gen 4 no matter what. Just straight hard sales rather than truly finding the best fit.
  11. Great info, thanks for the insight. Yeah, I just need to get back and hit the Proto. The Gen 4 was fantastic.
  12. Sorry for bothering you with a question about lofts. I've learned my lesson, won't happen again.
  13. I called PXG yesterday to see what they thought. I talk to two different fitters and neither knew absolutely anything about the Proto vs. Gen 4. Shocking really. I simply asked the first guy what the differences were between the Proto and Gen 4 and he was fumbling around for anything to say and had to look up some answers on the website. Only thing he could come up with was that the Gen 4 X comes in a variety of lofts instead of just 9* in the Proto. I let him go and called back later in the day. I asked 2nd guy about the 4 weights in Proto vs. 3 in G
  14. 9* X with hzrdus smoke yellow
  15. I'm an 8 hc and never expected to be able to hit the ST's but I tried them today and was shocked at how I hit them. I currently play the original 0211's and wouldn't trade them for any of the 0311's, but the 0211 ST's were amazing. Incredible feel, seemed very forgiving, and I felt like I had more control on them. I might take the plunge on them 7-Gap and keep my 6 and 5 iron original 0211.
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