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  1. I guess we all know that he has 14 majors with old faithful, but does anyone know the breakdown of regular wins? would be interested to know how many events he won with other putters.
  2. It looks better, it feels better and most importantly it performs better. Well done !!
  3. Well done on handling a bad situation well. If you a part of another incident with him, you should call him out.
  4. Absolutely no way Tiger could win a PGA Tout event with 4 clubs. Not in 2000, not now.
  5. Would love to hear some thoughts on this - 35th hole, Michel has a 3 foot putt to win. His opponent takes his hat off, shakes hands and then realizes the putt is a bit longer than he originally thought. He then asked Michel to hole the putt which he did. Did I help have a right to claim the match due to his opponents concession? Seems to me he could of, I’m glad he holed to putt though to save any controversy.
  6. Is it just me or is Smith even more fidgety and unconventional than he was before his suspension? Surprised the Aussies chose to bowl first, thought they might of backed themselves to go in, make 550 and put the game out of reach.
  7. How good is test cricket? So many twists and turns in this series, as a proud Aussie I still find it hard to believe how poor Warner is playing.
  8. As mentioned in the article, has anyone ever seen Tiger or his Caddie with one of these before ? Nice little bit of marketing if you ask me.
  9. > @"Darth Putter" said: > > @OldTomMorris said: > > Tom Lewis. > > Takes a flyer and comes over from the UK for a week and leads by two after three rounds. > > He’s having a great week and I’m a fan of his. Surprised he hadn’t had more of an impact. I may be reading it right but....... if he finishes t6 or better he secures a Tour card for next year? One start all year an 6th gets him a tour card???? That doesn’t sound fair to me. A lot of guys playing all year, just miss out and a guy can play one event and get a card. All about timing I guess ?
  10. Hi everyone, I’m going to spend a week in Hawaii this December. Will be staying in Waikiki and I’ll probably try and play 1 or 2 rounds. Can anyone recommend a course to play? I’m traveling from Australia so undecided if I’ll bring my clubs or hire a set. Thanks in advance ?
  11. Greg Norman is clearly the best I’ve seen. I’ve watched a lot of the greats over the years and the shark is clearly the best. I once saw Tiger, Scotty side by side on the range which was awesome. It was the week before the fire hydrant and tiger was striping it until he got to driver. He was like a different man, tempo changed, he couldn’t maintain his body angles and the ball was going everywhere. Scotty on the other hand hit driver as straight as an 8 iron. The 10 minutes Tiger spent in the practice bunker that day was something I’ll never forget. The sound of the club hitting the sand was something I’ve never heard before. I was standing next to Aussie pro Peter Fowler who Seve once said had a better short game than himself. He was blown away by what he was watching. > @"i*windows" said: > Stenson or Garcia, wow.
  12. Looks like he took both putters out in the practice round. Nice pic here from Getty Images https://www.gettyimages.co.uk/detail/news-photo/tiger-woods-of-the-united-states-looks-on-from-the-2nd-news-photo/1162107477
  13. > @MuniPukeLife said: > Makes sense as his trusty NP2 is super light by today's putter standards. I pulled out my 98 Newport the other day and was surprised at how light it is.
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