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  1. @katdaddy1 being honest I would say this is what you are looking for. My irons I play the 105 g C-Taper Lite R.
  2. For sale Callaway Epic Flash Subzero Tour model 9.0. TCFXXX serial number. I have only had this head for a few months. $325 OBO shipping included. For sale Oban Revenge 7 04 (Stiff). $175 OBO shipping included.
  3. VA Composites NEMESYS 75 Four S Flex shaft was oriented by SST PURE to improve consistency and find its most stable bending plane. Golf Pride Tour Velvet Standard grip. I swung the shaft no more than 15 - 20 times. I purchased it from someone and pretty sure it is untipped. Just didn't work with my swing. Length w/ Callaway Adapter 43 3/8 $*** obo J15 CB 4 Iron Head $*** obo shipping included Jr. Cobra Bag $*** shipping included
  4. How is the nemesys working out for you?
  5. @tm3 Interesting. I have the 7 iron and its not to difficult. The trick for me is when I transition to my regular clubs.
  6. @Noodler do you think those two helped with your driver swing? Do you think the wedge and 7 iron is enough and driver could be over kill?
  7. Impact Precision crew is solid.
  8. Have any of you purchased JDM irons on EBay? If so, do you have a seller you recommend?
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