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  1. Interested in updates to the thread as well. LQQKs like I will be moving there in a month or so ....
  2. Yeah. Cutting down clubs is a no no. Flynn Golf has shafts designed for kids by UST, KBS Shafts, True Temper and his custom brands.
  3. It is hard to juniors fitted, typically they don't have shafts and such to fit their swing speeds. Having 12 year old 5' 2" is good, but his strength will be the issue.
  4. Flynn has some good stuff, they also just added TE Forged / Classic Maltby Heads to their sets. I also use their shafts for my son woods Mavrik Driver, F9 3W and F* hybrid. My son is 10 years old. As you know a lot will depend on your child height and weight. My son is 10 and a lil guy @ 4' 5"
  5. When I purchased from member of this site. He informed me they are tour issue. That is deemed to the tolerances during the build. They do not carry a stamping or serial number similar to the woods with TCXXXXX.
  6. Great set of Tour Issue X-Forged with less than 20 rounds on them. $600 shipping included OBO. Make me an offer, they need a new home. I can separate the heads from the shafts. BB&F Ferrules Iomic Grips They are 1/4 inch less than standard length
  7. OBAN Kiyoshi Tour Limited 60 04 Stiff Flex Shaft w/ Taylormade Tip. Condition is "Used" $200 OBO shipping included. The shaft has been tipped 0.5" and the total length with tip is 42"
  8. @katdaddy1 being honest I would say this is what you are looking for. My irons I play the 105 g C-Taper Lite R.
  9. For sale Callaway Epic Flash Subzero Tour model 9.0. TCFXXX serial number. I have only had this head for a few months. $325 OBO shipping included. For sale Oban Revenge 7 04 (Stiff). $175 OBO shipping included.
  10. VA Composites NEMESYS 75 Four S Flex shaft was oriented by SST PURE to improve consistency and find its most stable bending plane. Golf Pride Tour Velvet Standard grip. I swung the shaft no more than 15 - 20 times. I purchased it from someone and pretty sure it is untipped. Just didn't work with my swing. Length w/ Callaway Adapter 43 3/8 $*** obo J15 CB 4 Iron Head $*** obo shipping included Jr. Cobra Bag $*** shipping included
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