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  1. I have a LAGP in a SIK and it definitely feels different than a steel shaft. I enjoyed it I just suck with blades and went back to a mallet with a steel shaft lol
  2. Hopefully if they make a new one they can speed up the shot delay, I found it so annoying
  3. Lots of good reviews here. I might have to buy one with the price this thing comes at.
  4. Is there any info on the new SkyTrak anywhere other than the patent application?
  5. When’s the release date on these things?
  6. Forged wedges feel so good, I need to give these a try
  7. I210 with LZs and I tried almost everything... I ordered them even though they’re basically old now because I wasn’t sure the i59 was going to be better
  8. G410 LST was 7th in this years Not allowed because of spam testing even though it was a club from last year (they bring the winner from the previous year to the next dance)
  9. 76.... standard 6 over for me. Need to drive it straighter
  10. Can’t wait to try these when they roll out
  11. Epic max LS is too good, give a demo one a whirl where you can
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