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  1. Great place to get equipment feedback from golfers who are at a similar skill level as you.
  2. Hi everyone, I've got a couple items I'm looking to move. No trade interests unless you have one of the following. Willing to add cash for the right putter. DH-89 with sight line on top Machine M10 with sight line on top Itsy bitsy limited edition, black/red version Scotty Cameron X7M 35" Scotty Cameron Oil Can Newport 2, standard loft and lie, 35", new pistolini grip. The finish is original and is beginning to patina but much of the colors are still very visible as demonstrated in the pictures. The condition of the putter is also in great shape for its age. No headcover. SOLD Byron Morgan 006 303 SS, matte blue oil, twilight zone milling, 3* loft, 70* lie, 355g head-weight, 34.5" (has a 1.5 inch extension professionally installed), new standard white Iomic white grip, white Sally headcover. Minimal stamping, only a tour dot with smiley face with crossbones underneath. Finish is starting to patina nicely. I'll include the towel and ball marker only if I receive my full asking price, neither has been used. SOLD Odyssey Tank Cruiser #7, 35", stock grip, excellent condition outside of one small ding on the face (pictured). Weight set and head cover included. 110 shipped Ping Anser Redwood, Black Dot, 34.50", new Superstroke Flatso 1.0 (2016), overall good shape with fading of the finish in some areas. Face and top line are clean. Comes with cover. SOLD Feel free to message me with any questions. Apologies but only shipping to the continental U.S.
  3. I really enjoyed the sonartec mds and Adams super hybrid as well. Currently gaming i20 hybrids which might be pre-2013 too.
  4. I haven't read through this thread but I have to put a vote in for the Cobra King LTD. I've never been comfortable with a 3 wood but I find myself reaching for this club more and more. I spent a lot of time with the LTD vs M2 and just couldn't get a feel for the latter. Not sure if it was the slightly longer length?
  5. I've owned a number of different newport shaped heads, and gamed a Odyssey 7 last year which is similar to the X7M. I think it depends on your putting stroke, but a big factor in me going back to something more similar to a newport was better distance control.
  6. I've found that just sizing down has done the trick for me. I'm typically a med but a small in most golf polos fits the way a med "slim" or "tailored" model would but with the longer length which I prefer.
  7. taylormade gc, apparel, shafts, irons, sc headcoverHey Guys, I'vebeen way to active in the classifieds section and I have a number of things I'mlooking to move. I've done some research and have tried to priceeverything fairly, but I'm open to reasonable offers. Unfortunately, I'vehad some less than great experiences shipping to outside the US, and I'll beshipping to paypal confirmed addresses only. 1. Taylormade Gift Card valued at $250- $200 firm. I'm not sure how to go about showing proof of ownership as its an electronic certificate. I have a screenshot of the taylormade store page that shows a balance of$250 that I can provide. Obviously I will email the buyer the code assoon as the payment is received. I am more than happy to listen to otherpossible solutions that would make the buyer feel more comfortable. 2. Mizuno MX-23 irons 3-pw. Sold Used set ofirons, I would rather let the pictures speak to the condition as they are wellused. PW and 7 iron show the most wedge. All the irons havematching serial numbers expect the 9 iron which I had to purchase separately. 9 iron shaft does show wear where as the others seem to be in goodcondition. I believe the irons (9 iron excluding) were all 1 degreeupright, all appear to be standard length. I'm selling these clubs as is,I assembled the set looking to have them reconditioned and just don't have thetime or resources. 3. Ping i5irons 3-pw yellow dot. $220 200 Irons are insolid shape, I would estimate at least 8/10, but please take a look at thepictures. All have golf pride blue tour velvet bct grips. They wereadjusted from green to yellow by ping and they replaced all of the i5 stickerson the irons as well. Love the irons but just purchased a set of s58'sand I'd like to commit myself to them for the upcoming year. Otherwisestandard length and lie. 5. 2 puma shorts, 1 nike pants $60 $sold All three have been worn once each. Shorts are 32 inches, while pants are 32x32. Thanks for looking, again if I'm out of line with my prices give me an offer, worst I can say is no. 4. Scotty Cameron Bogey Monster Headcover. $SOLD Can't say its new as I purchased it out of bag, but it was never gamed by the previous owner if Iremember correctly. Has stayed in the bag since I have had it, justhaven't gamed a scotty since I purchased a BM. KBS Tourstiff flex iron shafts 4-pw. $SOLD Previous ownersaid they were pulled from a standard set of titleist irons. I purchasedthem thinking I would try reshafting my own clubs but I've found than I'mcomfortable with regular flex shafts (gasp). They're in very good shape(grips should probably be replaced though) Mixed lot of 7 shirts, all medium. $SOLD grey/greenstriped Nike grey/green Nike(Logo) Purple stripedNike Orange StripedNike White/Bluestriped Ashworth White Cutter andBuck (Logo) White Adidas The striped greennike was worn most (5-7 times) but is still in great shape. Purple andorange nike shirts we worn maybe twice, white striped ashworth and white cutterand buck (logo) were worn once each. Plain white adidas polo has bluepiping along the shoulder, worn maybe 3 times but honestly looks the most worn,body of shirt looks great but collar looks worn. Lot of 3Dunning Tour slim fit shirts. $SOLD Black, NWT Grey, NWOT Blue, worn once Shirts are eithernew or in like new condition. I love the shirts and purchased thembecause I own a Tour slim fit in the elastic material. These just don'tfit the same, i think because its the less stretchy, more dri-fit likematerial. *Disclaimer:These fit much smaller than a medium in any of the manufacturers listed above.
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