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  1. Have used TP for past handful of years, tried DI briefly. TP will feel a lot stiffer than DI, but still has a distinct kick feeling through impact. TP is much stiffer in butt section and a little stiffer in mid section. How that works for you, only you will be able to know.
  2. I would give serious consideration to going with the Red 7x or 8x (depending on what weight you prefer). Seems to be getting more and more use in fwy woods. Especially as you like the black profile but are looking for more launch, just have to get the tipping correct. After a short test period I actually have just put a Blue 7x in my 3 wood (epic flash sz 15 degree). Kicked out the AD TP 7x that had been in there for 3 years. Love the TP but for those times I need to hit more of draw the Ventus Blue allows me to do just that,Dispersion has tightened up as well. Fuji does recommend no tipping in driver and 3 wood with Ventus, but I tipped mine 0.5” due to my preference and results have been great. After a range session and a practice round it went straight in the bag.
  3. Like others have said, the App is really what separates the Stack System from everything else. I completed the “Foundation” program and am a few sessions into round 2 of Foundation, as that’s what the App recommended. I’ve gained back the speed I had lost over past year and a half, and picked up a few more mph. Started at 107 swing speed and am up to 114-115 mph (previous peak ss was 110-111). It’s obviously a bit pricey but people are paying $200 just for 3 SuperSpeed sticks. I def like the 1 club with ability to change weights, it’s a well made product overall. Anybody on the fence deciding to purchase or not, if results are what your after then it’s an easy yes.
  4. Linear - means it is fairly one-piece feeling, or there is no single part of the shaft where you feel it bending/hinging. So most blue board type profiles the mid section is typically softer flex in relation to the butt and tip section, most will feel the bend point is in midsection of shaft. When somebody describes a shaft as feeling “linear” they simply mean you can’t feel (or don’t notice) the bend point in 1 particular section of the shaft.
  5. I have had the IZ 85x hybrid shaft paired with an 18 degree Callaway Apex hybrid for past 3 seasons, it’s been so good. IZ hybrid is quite a bit stiffer than the DI hybrid, feels very linear like above poster mentioned, still has great feel to it. Nice mid launch for me and keeps spin in a nice window.
  6. I had been playing PX 6.0’s in all my irons and all wedges, and was looking for just a bit more feel in my sand and lob wedge. Some people suggested soft stepping the PX 6.0 (which I still want to try but don’t have any decent club builders near me that I trust), x100 in wedges- both straight in and soft stepped), or going 1/2 flex down so PX 5.5. The easiest thing for me to try was ordering a sand and lob wedge with PX 5.5 in both, and so far I am really liking the new sm8’s with the 5.5’s in them. Gives me the same PX feel that I am used to and prefer, while giving me much more feel on partial shots and chipping around the green and out of sand. I’ve noticed an increase in spin on all shots with these 2 wedges and I am really enjoying the feel. So you could try soft stepping the c Taper 125’s or maybe try a C Taper 120 straight in. The roughly 5 grams of weight difference is only slightly noticeable on full swing shots with the 54, but hasn’t been a problem for me.
  7. I’m still playing those X Forged but have been thinking about what Iron I will play next. I haven’t hit the zx7’s outdoors yet, but they felt good indoors. Going to try the new Mizuno’s when they come out as well. Hard to match the feel of the X Forged though.
  8. Cantlay may have switched to that in his driver recently too. Haven’t seen to many ZF’s in a 3 wood though. Intriguing shaft as well as the BF, but I haven’t hit either.
  9. That would be my thinking, lol. At least give Ventus Black a fair and honest trial run, you could always resell it. Or the real WRX thing to do would be buy the Fuji and whatever MRC you decide on, and take both to range and course a few times, keep the better performing shaft. I used to be a Mitsubishi fan but as I have said in numerous posts recently- I’m definitely not a fan of all the f*ckery they have been doing with only TX flex having the top end materials.
  10. 113 swing speed says carry distance of 269. You stated your carry distance is 265…. So 4 yards less? That’s pretty damn close. Also you said you have Ventus Black 7x in driver and 3 wood, have you tried a Ventus black 6x in driver? That could give you a couple more mph in swing and more importantly ball speed.
  11. Not sure if this was a question for me or different poster, but I have a Ventus blue (velocore) 6x driver shaft that I had been using before switching back to my TP. So I (generally) knew what the Blue 7x would play like in a 3 wood. My driver swing speed is around 112 and was playing Blue 6x at 45” no tipping, went with 0.5” tipping on the 7x in 3 wood at 42.75”. I wouldn’t say I’m always an X flex guy, I just know the Ventus blue profile. Has a lot of feel to it but is stable at same time.
  12. Simple drill that might help- grip the club with only your lead hand (slightly lower down grip), put roughly 60-70% of weight on front foot, ball middle stance or slightly back, keeping your left arm kind of rigid- think of bringing club back using your lead lat/shoulder, then turn through the ball at your target using same lead lat/shoulder. Every once in a while I will do this as it helps me regain the feeling i am looking for. Very little hand and arm manipulation like Stricker’s move. You can even put 90% of pressure on lead foot if it helps you more.
  13. Yes, Ventus Blue Velocore performs that way for me. Mid to mid/high launch with low to low/mid spin. I just got a 7x for my 3 wood and so far so good. I am able to turn it over a little easier if needed, compared to Ad TP that has been in my 3 wood for a few years now.
  14. Ventus Blue (velocore) 7s would be a good one to try, as well as Red 7s. The MRC cluster-f*ck will require some research, all those blue profiles after the Tensei Pro Blue can be tricky. The regular CK Blue is a much softer profile and was a stock shaft in numerous drivers. AV Raw Blue, and AV Blue have the higher end materials (boron tip, carbon/kevlar weave through entire butt section, etc) only in the TX flexes. I think that’s accurate but could be missing some things, honestly I have just been avoiding MRC because of it.
  15. I’m still using its replacement, Rogue sub zero.
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