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  1. I prefer the Epic flash sub zero to the rogue fairway woods. Gamed the rogue, but for me the flash sz was just better across the board. I also prefer the front and back weight ports instead of just the front.
  2. It will make the putter head feel lighter, but you could always add some lead tape. However all this will add to total weight of putter, and no idea how that will work for you. Lamkin Deep Etched is 81 grams and is a great midsize option and only 30 grams more. What is the headweight on putter?
  3. Callaway doesn’t tip their driver or fwy woods. You have to specifically request tip trimming and specify how much. If you are asking how much you should tip trim, use shaft manufacturer’s recommendation. If it’s 0.5” for 3 wood and 1.0” for 5 wood, then go 0.75” for the 4 wood.
  4. Looks like AD TP in 3 wood (still think not enough people have tried the TP), Ventus Black? in driver (heavily tipped), and DI in 7 wood. Interesting transition from driver to 7 wood.
  5. I have hit the stock Tensei white hybrid in x flex, and after talking with a few people i ordered aftermarket Tensei Pro White hybrid shaft in tx flex. Night and day difference in feel, the aftermarket pro white is MUCH more stout feeling. The middle section of the shaft that is clear coated, the rings are much more defined and easily visible. Other than that there were no other marking differences. So it was obvious one was a “made for” and the tx is real deal, i was told the same is true for Tensei Pro blue hybrid.
  6. I just use a wet towel to clean them after the round, then a quick wipe down with a dry towel. Always make sure wedge grooves are clean just like any wedge, but nothing special. Have used raw wedges for 4-5 years now and this works just fine for me.
  7. Always great to get solid confirmation you make the right choice. Also nice to hear that fitter was only focused on finding whatever setup gave the best numbers, and wasn’t just looking for a sale. Feels like more people are starting to notice how good of a shaft the TP is, has flown under the radar since it came out. Matt Wolff still gaming it in his driver.
  8. A lot of people have asked this question, and it really depends on what your expectations are. If you are fit into the Ventus and it gives you better/more consistent numbers then there really isn’t a cheaper version. What makes Ventus so good are the materials and the construction of those materials. Another shaft could work well enough for you, but Ventus gives that consistency. Sorry for not listing shaft options, I have just noticed this question come up on a weekly basis.
  9. I use the TP in 3 wood and had been using it in driver. I have an IZ 85x in 18* Apex hybrid that I really like. The DI will have much more kick feeling loading and unloading, while the IZ still has some life to it the kick will be less pronounced. IZ spins less for me, and is extremely accurate (which is what I am looking for in that part of bag). IZ hybrid shaft will work for smooth or aggressive swings in my opinion, where the DI hybrid will be much better suited for smooth swings.
  10. The Maverick sub zero model won’t be as forgiving as standard Mav, that’s for sure. Especially if the heavier weight is in the front port, if you play with the heavy weight in the back it will be a bit more stable.
  11. Tough to pick 3 but: X Forged (2018) z745 Hard to pick a 3rd, as those 2 really stand out in my mind
  12. New Apex Pro is not a 1 piece solid forged iron. I believe it has a hollow body, with cup face, tungsten, urethane microspheres (to minimize vibration), and I’m not sure what else built into it. So it is multi-piece construction built for faster ball speeds and distance, the older versions of Apex Pro were more of a “players cavity back” type. The X Forged will be better feeling (generally speaking) as they are a solid forged iron, but they will be less forgiving. Obviously test both so you know what type of numbers and performance you get from each. If you are looking for forgiveness tho, it
  13. The 2019 apex with jailbreak bars was good but the spin would get to low on some shots. Felt good enough and was super hot off face, but the OG apex is still their best version. Reed and majority of Pros that play the apex use the old model, if u actually see picture of the bottom of club it just has the 1 weight and no jailbreak bars.
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