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  1. I think the VR is their most counterbalanced shaft, but I think balance point is only slightly higher than IZ.
  2. This chart is how Fujikura describes the butt, mid, and tip section of their shafts. Like others have said - Ventus Red and Motore F3 are not really similar. Ventus Red has a very stiff handle section, softens up a bit in mid section, and a stiff tip - while F3 has soft butt section, transitions to a firm mid, and a then a stiff tip section. You have to understand what profiles work for you/don’t work for you. Hope this helps.
  3. I think the key thing with a driving/utility iron is - 1) finding the right head and loft, 2) finding the right shaft I have been using a Callaway X Forged UT(prior generation) with 21 degrees loft, and actually use the same shaft I have in my irons PX 6.0. I can keep spin and height down off tee if I need to, but with the head design and 21 degrees of loft it acts like a juiced up long iron with control into a green. I have a 18 degree head that I’m going to pair with a graphite shaft, should be a fun experiment.
  4. The original 1st generation Tensei CK Pro had the letter K the color of the profile shaft it was. I think MRC stopped doing that just don’t know when exactly.
  5. That is correct , Boron Tip = Tensei CK Pro. Obviously also has the full Carbon Kevlar (CK) weave butt section that extends basically all the way up, and the profile color letter K.
  6. 15 degree Epic Flash sub zero fairway wood. Great off the tee, surprisingly easy to hit from the deck. Finding the right weight combo in the front and back ports makes a huge difference.
  7. I would go with same TP just not tipped. Also depends on your swing type, if you release early or late. I have a later release and DI feels nothing like the TP, as the DI is definitely softer in the butt and mid section and feels very loose to me. I still game a TP 7x in my 3 wood and played 6x in my driver for 3 years prior. The IZ will feel different than those 2 shafts, has a slightly more linear feel and is softer in the tip section.
  8. Counterbalanced shaft allows for a a few different options; 1- you could play your normal driver length and it will make the swing weight lighter (will feel very light on club head end). In this case you add weight to driver head to get back to a standard-ish swingweight (maybe d1-d4), with the club head having more mass in theory it should give an uptick in ballspeed as you should swing it your normal speed. 2- CB shafts allow you to play driver at a longer club length, which again in theory should/could allow you to swing it a little faster and hopefully in turn create higher ball speed
  9. I use the stickers on my driver and irons as well. Prefer them to the foot spray, as the stickers are easy to peel off and I don’t have to constantly wipe foot spray off.
  10. I game TP 7x in my 3 wood and used to play TP 6x in driver. I have tested the DF 60x and the TP has more of that kick feeling, you can feel it loading and unloading in the mid section, the DF has a more linear feel to it. On paper they look close but if you have a late release they won’t feel that similar, just my .02 cents.
  11. The Stack looks awesome, but if you order it today they won’t be able to ship it to you starting in May sometime. They are experiencing way more orders than I guess they had planned for, good problem for them. Obviously Sasho knows what he is talking about and the Stack system and maybe more importantly their software training package seems to be better than anything else.
  12. Others have said this already but, the fact your 3 wood is 13 degrees loft is a big factor in this, especially off the tee which i assume OP is referring to. The quality of strike and consistency of strike location on your 3 wood is likely better more often, probably because of the shorter shaft length. I game a Callaway Epic Flash sub zero 15 degree fairway wood and I can attest to how hot the faces are on 3 woods these days, it’s incredible. A 13 degree version of an Epic sz 3 wood off a tee would give launch conditions similar to a driver, meaning ball speed and lower spin. If you used a 15
  13. I have not hit this shaft, but on paper the Graphite Design tour AD GP should be close to DF. Ventus Black is stiffer in butt and in tip section, maybe Fujikura MotoreX F1 ? Just throwing out some profiles that are firm to stiff in butt section, firm to stiff in mid section, with a stiffer tip section.
  14. Crazy right. I think the ratio could help somebody determine if their driver is fully optimized for them or not.
  15. I didn’t make the statement, Howard did a while back. The PW loft he was using was 46 degrees.
  16. Sorry Valtiel I didn’t see you already told him most of that in end of your post.
  17. @Valtiel is spot on with everything as usual. I think a lot of people don’t go into a fitting properly prepared. It may sound corny but I would make a list of all the items discussed here in this thread, as well as any other questions you may have and bring the list with you to the fitting. I am guilty of this too, realizing after the fact that I should have asked this question, or asked about this or that. Anyone going to a fitting that they paid for, is allowed to ask questions (relevant questions) and let the fitter know that you want to know certain data parameters ie; angle of attack, sw
  18. Howard Jones had a post a while back pointing out the 2:1 distance relationship between Driver and Pitching wedge. So basically your driver distance (carry) should be pretty close to double your pitching wedge distance (carry). I remember him saying over years of collecting data, that was the most consistent and predictable correlation. No clue as to why but it is dead on for me too, pw 130 yds - driver 260 yards, crazy how accurate the ratio is. For whatever reason that no other iron is as predictive to what driver carry should be, hopefully he chimes in.
  19. Seems to me like it’s a combination of all the SuperSpeed sticks (including the counterbalanced club), with the added benefit of audio feedback. I’m going to give it a go, and will keep it in my bag as a warm up device.
  20. I actually just got a Rypstick. I really like the fact it’s only 1 club with the removable 3 weight plugs on the end. The counter weight plug on butt end is a nice bonus as you can just unscrew it and leave it off if you aren’t working on arm/hand speed. Another bonus is the sound feedback via the 3 openings at the end next to the weights, creates a loud wiffle ball type whoosh at club end. It’s loudest at the point the club head is moving the fastest, so you know if it’s too early or too late. Not a fan of whatever grip they used though, as it feels like (and probably is) a cheap rubber like
  21. So by playing it at 9 degrees on loft sleeve, you are playing with the face angle already opened up which would/could explain why you are fighting a right side miss. Aside from knowing your actual launch conditions (ball speed, launch angle, spin rate, etc.) and how you are delivering the club face (AoA, swing path, face angle, face to path, etc.) you could spray driver face with foot spray or use impact tape just to know strike location. Gear affect from impact height on the face will change spin numbers quite a bit. Lower on face causes high spin and higher on face results in lower spin. Wit
  22. G400 max head is very stable and is designed to help launch higher. What loft driver head is it? Also like previous poster mentioned- this sounds more like a delivery issue than a shaft issue. If you weren’t fit for the club, or the new shaft then it’s just a $100 experiment. This is a rabbit hole many people have gone down before, if you are ok with trial and error type of process (trying a bunch of different shafts/heads) then go for it. But to save yourself time and get fitted or at a minimum get some feedback (Trackman, GC Quad, record your own swing and use impact spray on clubface). Base
  23. Carry yardage I’m assuming? 168-170 yards - PX 6.0 shaft - 34* 7 iron
  24. You could look at a Ventus Black 9 or 10x, or if you want a little more launch while keeping spin in check the Graphite Design tour AD IZ Hybrid shaft in 9x. I play PX 6.0 in irons and use the IZ 85x in a hybrid, it has that same linear feel to it but still feels smooth. I know a few other guys that game PX 6.5 in irons and use IZ 95x in either a hybrid or driving iron, very stable.
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