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  1. This guy hangs out at the 13th hole looking for tilapia in the lake
  2. More dead wood How about real Deadwood ?
  3. say hey kid is last man standing from that great era of baseball ! Might be baseball's goat-he could do it all !
  4. Same here I live next to a country club I cant afford and easily pick up a 100 per a week ( after closing walking my dog )that the members are too fat and lazy to leave their carts to find in the woods I keep some and sell the rest back to the pro at my home semi private / muni Golf balls subsidize my membership ! I have hit just about every ball out there- not much difference to my 10-12 handicap Titleist has most consistant performance for me. Best all around if I was buying- Precept Laddie and Maxfli Worst ball is something called Marath
  5. Snow.. Don't miss it a bit. Always wanted to live in the tropical climes since I was a little kid seeing , what to me, were magical photos of my Dad 's WW2 Navy photos. Palm trees , lizards, big fish and waves. The photos were black and white but my mind colored them in Moved to Miami 30 plus years ago and still love the tropical outdoors Briefly took a job in Colorado but hated the weather and felt claustrophobic being inland Even growing up, in Atlantic City , at least I was near the ocean Only place I have liked more than Sout
  6. Brooks is super competitive- I don't think he will play if he can't win
  7. When I retired a couple of years ago I sold my good watches ( Omega, Ebel and an antique solid gold Elgin ) I do wear a thin metal case, analog Timex mostly as a survival tool ( compass, reflector, or weapon)
  8. Langer , Furyk, Goosen still pretty damn good
  9. 80 degrees and the big boys were out today !
  10. scott Parel, scott mccarron, and even Couples got some big guts going on.
  11. the last clubs i bought from them had poor grips and no headcover do not even check their listings anymore
  12. When Faldo lied, nobody died- quite different than OJ
  13. Mr. Lizard heading for his hole last evening
  14. Sneaked on to the country club course across the street for some putting practice before dark and got side tracked by the south Florida sunset
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