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  1. He was disliked by the press until the accident recovery
  2. Total NFL or College themed stuff on adults Saw some guys the other day in which bag , clothes etc. were all UM-Why ? You are playing golf and the only remnants from your college days are that unpaid student loan
  3. BK should be more worried about the fact that he hasn't been making any cuts lately Tiger might win another major before BK at the rate he is going
  4. Ecco- one of the rare items I returned- bad fit, weird smell and just not good New Balance- scream geezer, clunky design , ( never liked them even when I competed in track) Nike golf shoes- no standard fit among models ( I do like their shirts and still like my vapor woods and forged pro combo irons) Stuff like Matthew or Lundberg with writing all over P oser X traordanaire G ear ( even if it is good - it is not better than other stuff and dislike their commercials and image )
  5. If you are good with your irons, wedges don't get much use ...
  6. What decade are you in ? Watching Crockett and Tubbs ? As a former federal officer-people haven't moved drugs through the streets here since the 80's Roads are too slow with no real side street by ways You wanna move drugs by land you go through Tejas and Arizona And old people don't move here anymore - Too expensive West coast of Fl or the Villages are the hot spots I guess their French might help in Little Haiti but,no golf courses I know of there ( good dirty rice , fried fish and rum tho )
  7. The only ones I have fought the urge to hit into are the azzhatz who park their carts in front of the green and have to walk back towards the fairway
  8. Wow, skulls on your bag because golf is such a tough guy sport Goes well with the pink shirt and white belt
  9. I had some Gary Player Shakespeare clubs as a junior They played well but the fiberglass would delaminate after a while and the shafts would split
  10. I only go on Woke Wednesday and eat an all beef hot dog in the tofu section.... As a " stealth" minority person , you can't believe the crap " non-racist " people will spew when they think you are one of them
  11. I hate Costco Biggest morons in the universe go there The Amazon truck is my friend
  12. That is the only cool thing Ho has ever done
  13. Dumpster diving , 2 buck Chuck and day old sushi
  14. Looks like a $40 Orlimar bag with an extra pocket
  15. Almost as bad as a pastrami sandwich on white with mayo ,,,
  16. Je me souviens on a car means " i can't drive "
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