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  1. My favs are Q Star Tour and Chromesoft (the white/red soccer balls). Mostly I'm drawn to a softer feel, and the soccer ball thing can help when I'm having trouble focusing down on the ball (and give some idea of spin around the green). Still have fond memories of balata...
  2. Not the cheapest route, but for irons I'll order a 7i in a spec that should be close (I have been fit in the past). Then I'll hit it at the local range (grass) and can put it into play. In the past I've ordered the same head with two different shafts and some other variations. I'd rather burn money that way than hit off a mat and think that gives me "an answer." Well, it does give an answer but I think it is even odds it is the wrong answer and certainly my elbows will not be happy.
  3. I find this true for every club - particularly wedges - with driver being the exception. Mats suck.
  4. No consensus for a lot of reasons: 1. wedge can cover anything from 150 yard full swing shot to 1 yard chip, fairway, rough, sand, etc. What someone wants in a 46* wedge may be completely different than a 58* wedge. 2. Most irons you're looking at loft, lie, shaft (composition, flex, length), sole. Wedges you're looking at all that plus much more focus on the details of the sole - particularly bounce and grind. 3. Shots inside of 100 yards probably have the most variation from player to player. Lots of partial swings and different approaches (opening the fac
  5. Totally depends on the configuration and not sure anyone here knows what's in or out of stock wrt components. I can say that I got ZX5 6-9i in less than 2 weeks ordering from Carls. The 6i came in like 3 days. Recoil 95 R, GP MMC grips. I'm still waiting on the PW I ordered (with the 8 and 9i) as well as a couple of ZX7s but those were ordered last week.
  6. I was off for over a year trying to shake elbow tendonitis. Decided to change irons when coming back, and after some fiddling picked up a ZX5 7i to hit. Being ever curious, I ordered a ZX7 8i, figuring if I couldn’t hit it not much lost and if I did hit it then I could blend the set. Found I hit the ZX7 8i more consistently and actually the same distance as the 7i when struck properly. Did get a ZX5 6i and hit that well (better than my hybrid) so seems my current break point if at 7i (have the zx5; ordered a zx7). Now I’m curious about a 5i. At some point my speed/contact starts to make hybrid
  7. Buy once, cry once is my value proposition. Lost track of how many times I’ve cut corners on something or bought “almost as good,” only to end up buying what I really wanted later on.
  8. ^this - another short range session and the swing is slowly sorting out. Pre-injury I was about a 12 and gaming i210, then Hot Metal Pro. Coming back I was struggling just to make decent contact, thought even ZX5 might be optimistic. But I decided to get a ZX7 8i to test and found I hit that better than the ZX5 7i (my original test clubs). Picked up the ZX5 6i even though I’d decided to try switching to hybrid. The 6i works great for me, easy to hit. So 6i in ZX5 and 7-PW in ZX7 it is. Still pondering a 5i instead of hybrid, we’ll see...
  9. thanks, very helpful and I’m with you on needing a bit more loft gap. I’m also hitting low these days. Since I haven’t ordered the zx7 7i yet, I’m thinking maybe 1* strong so I’d have zx4 23 zx5 27 zx7 31 (instead of 32) zx7 36 zx7 41 zx7 46 cbx2 50 that gives me 4* down to my 3H with the 7w sitting in between the 5i and 3H. In theory should be about right for me and give options depleting on the situation. Will have the 7w in a few day so the experimentation continues.
  10. I saw your sig on another post and wanted to ask about it - this thread is actually on-topic for that! Wondering how you're liking the ZX4-ZX5-ZX7 transition through the irons and how you gap to the top end of the bag. I've been testing ZX5 and ZX7 and have found I'm hitting the text ZX7 8i really well, ZX7 7i a bit less well. But the ZX5 6i that showed up this week hits great - better than my hybrid. So given the ZX4 reviews I've read, I'm thinking: ZX4 5i - ZX5 6i - ZX7 7-PW I think the irons will all gap well, then just a question between the 5i and 7W (w
  11. Data is one thing. Analysis and interpretation of data is something else. Removing the individual human and their realities (flexibility, practice time, etc) inevitably will lead to bad recommendations and heartache all around.
  12. I ordered from Carl’s. I think shafts are a hang up, with some not available. Some grips are in short supply as well, so it depends on what someone ordered. Everything I’ve ordered has been Recoil 95 regular flex which is a stock shaft and I’m assuming they have decent stock of those. We’ll see, still have a few clubs outstanding and am about to order another one or two.
  13. I have a RadSpeed 7W ordered. My 3W is set at 15.5. The rails seem to do what they advertise for me, I’m a fan.
  14. So yesterday the ZX5 6i showed up, today the ZX5 8-9i. Headed to the range with those along with ZX7 8i and 0211 28* hybrid. Was windy and not warm, and my swing was more erratic than last session. Part of it was the "lesson" going on close to me complete with student's (40-something woman) phone going off - and her answering it multiple times. Interesting (to me) observations: I hit the ZX5 6i quite well. Better than the hybrid. I think it will kick the hybrid out of the bag. I hit the ZX7 8i better (more consistent) than the ZX5 8i. I could not hit the ZX5 9
  15. well, clubs are trickling in. ZX5 6i showed up yesterday, ZX5 8-9i showed up today. That makes current in-house: ZX5 6-9 (waiting on PW) ZX7 8i (waiting on 9-PW) Progress. Hit them all today, will post impression on the other review thread. Interesting...
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