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  1. Some decades back, my bag was 2W (made out of wood), 1i, then 3-PW and putter. If it works for you, why not? These days I'm going the opposite direction but age has a tendency to do that to people...
  2. Bounce is different by a degree (i210 has more), my hunch is the perimeter weighting is more on the i210. It looks like the elastomer insert area is smaller on the Glide 3.0, at least compared to my Eye2 grind. But I think they'd be more alike and different, at least compared to other wedges.
  3. Do you have to pay the rent based on how you score? If not, then experiment away. As long as you didn’t sell the ZX5s, you can always go back. Or you could try some ZX7s
  4. If they are going to be $250/club they hopefully will expand their free shaft choices. Bonus points for shipping a custom club in less than 3 months
  5. Trying to get everything to graphite as I’ve come back from elbow tendonitis and want to hedge my bets. Currently playing Recoil 95 F3 in my irons to AW. SW and LW are Glide 3.0 Eye2 with the steel 115 stock shaft. I hit them well, and hit them both full swing down to chips. So thinking that weight should stay close to the same as the existing steel rather than going lighter to the iron shaft. The two shafts that seem to be a fit are Recoil Proto Wedge and Tensei av white am2. Any experiences with those going from steel to graphite? Fwiw I also have played SF i95 regular in the pas
  6. just back from a pitching session, basically about 90 yards in. Took the AW, an i210 U wedge, and my Eye2 60 (for the shorter shots). The i210 is kind of Glide 3.0-ish. Doing everything from near-full easy swing to about 3/4 swing. The AW won over the i210. I hit them both fairly well, but had a bit more feedback and I was less likely to leave it out right. Part of the is probably shaft as the i210 has an Alta which is about 10g lighter than the recoil in the AW so not a perfect A/B but it rarely is. When I read the forums I convince myself that the zx7 isn’t right for me (I’m a bi
  7. not to tempt you any (that said, I'm thinking of getting a Glide 3.0 50 just for grins. I totally love my 56 and 60 eye2 grinds.
  8. At $999, a bit pricey but you get to customize https://ping.com/en-us/clubs/wedges/glide-forged-pro
  9. I'll add a third thing - my mortgage payment doesn't depend on making this putt.
  10. Have a bunch of sessions now with the Nova at the local practice green. My other putter is an Evnroll ER2B, before that had Camerons and Odysseys (#7 and a DoubleWide - the former is roughly the same as the Nova, the latter same as the ER2B). The local course is very hilly and the greens reflect that, also fairly quick. My miss typically is high or low on the face rather than toe/heel, so the Sik face seems to be helping with roll. I had forgotten how much I like the fang visual alignment lines - the Nova is really easy to aim. My only challenge with the club is very long putts, as
  11. rumor has it they are renaming to the "Luncher" series, and each driver will have a small microwave oven built-in for heating snacks at the turn. No really, my uncle's best friend's barber knows a guy at Cleveland. Or maybe knows a guy in Cleveland. Wait, is it happy hour yet?!?
  12. or differently stated, process over product. That is a mantra at work and play. The one thing that does drive me nuts is when I don't commit to a shot. I expect to mishit shots regularly. But missing because I hadn't fully bought into what I'm doing - that is something I can control. Putts are the worst, typically the short breaking putt where you either hit it firm without break of die it at the hole with break. And I end up doing some bastardized combination of the two leading to three putt...
  13. Some would argue if the PW and GW are full swing clubs, then matching the rest of the irons (both head and shaft) is a good way to go. I don't buy all of the "specialty wedge is best" argument as modern set PW/GW are usually quite good clubs and lower lofted specialty wedges usually don't have particularly aggressive grinds so they aren't any more flexible or "accurate" than the set club. If someone really likes the fell of their specialty wedges, then great. But I don't see it as a black and white decision. Ymmv. I am curious about the new Ts, mostly just to compare sole and turf
  14. If one is a club ho, then it can be hard to be monoculture. That said, there are different flavors of club ho: brand-loyal and brand-agnostic. The brand-loyal buys the new cycle of anything/everything from one company. The brand-agnostic sleeps around (club wise). Certainly needs for a more rigorous cultural anthropology study. Just need that million dollar grant and elbow patches for my tweed blazer and I'm good to go.
  15. If comparing i210 and ZX5, it is worth hitting ZX7 as well. I was fit into i210 a few years ago and played two different sets (DG105, then SF i95), was off with an injury, shifted the bag, bought both ZX5 and ZX7, found I hit the ZX7 better, likely due to the narrower sole. It really depends on your delivery and conditions. I also have an i210 U wedge to mess with with Alta stiff - Recoil 95s in any ZX7s. I prefer a bit more weight than the Alta. I will say the i210 feels very soft to me. It doesn't feel like the ZX7 which is a single piece forged head, but is comparable to ZX5 imo. i210 is ce
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