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  1. same - 19* 3H and 24* 5H is a nice gap for me.
  2. Yeah, funny how that can work. I had 7i and G425 6H in the bag (both 30*) and they gapped well. No substitute for real-world experience.
  3. I think it depends on how you gap at that end of the bag. I'm going without a 4i/h club, as I think 3H to 5H ends up being a usable gap. I just didn't see enough difference going from 5 to 4, ymmv.
  4. It's interesting as I still have G425 6H(30*) and 7H (34*). After one round and range session my initial impression is that I can easily go from Halo 7i to G425 6H. The Halo 5H is a tougher nut to crack, swings different than either the 7i or 6H (or by memory, G425 5H). Will hit the 5H again at the range and compare with my F9 3H but there are a lot of variables. I think I might not be loading the 5H well enough - it is stiff as are the irons and my other hybrids, but it feels pretty stout.
  5. They are sorta hybrids but sorta not. I did just get the 5H and have 7i-DW. The hybrid has a longer shaft than the equivalent iron and feels heavier at the head (plus the shaft is heavier if comparing graphite to graphite). So they swing differently.
  6. I bought single irons through Carls. Only change was +3 grips, I got them in under a week (I'm about 1-day ship from Cleveland). The base spec is about spot on for me - I typically go +1/4" in length and 1* upright. Out of the box they measure that compared to most irons. ymmv
  7. I had i210 a few years back and liked them a lot - always thought the felt very good for any club, let alone a cast head. Then swapped things up after a long injury layoff and most recently had ZX7. I loved the way the ZX7 felt when I hit it right, and it was very long. But I just didn't hit it that way enough times out of 10, and I'm on the wrong side of 60 now to be banging buckets of balls every day to tweak the swing. My main miss is toe and the XL Halo handles that well. The Halos actually aren't particularly long irons. A well struck ZX7 7i went longer in my hands than a well struck Halo 7i, despite the Halo being a bit strong loft. But a poorly struck shot with the Halo doesn't penalize me as much. I'm getting used to the sound and feel. It isn't particularly hard feeling, and actually you can feel the difference between a well struck and poorly struck shot. Just isn't like a forged blade/players feel.
  8. So I finally got out onto the course for a round last week. Been hitting the XL Halos at the range but the proof is in the pudding...er....grass.tl;dr - most enjoyable round I've played in probably 3 yearsWhy? I suspect it is expectations, or lack thereof. I went off the first tee with what felt like a lot less pressure. Kind of, "well, these are SGI clubs so if I get close to the green it'll be a win." That attitude evidently worked with everything but the putter. My usual 10 or so fairways in regulation - driver is rarely a problem. But way more GIRs, and some dead perfect shots including a smooth DW on 18 from about 85y to an elevated green that left me a 2' putt.5H showed up yesterday, will take it to the range today. I did use my G425 6H to good effect as well, and went back to my F9 3W and 3H - both got used multiple times without mishaps. Thinking less about what clubs are "right" and instead just going out and hitting something that works seems to be a win.
  9. that would go high but I wouldn't characterize the landing as soft. You certainly won't get any roll-out though...
  10. Well after some experimentation I'm now in the land of XL Halo - XL. So up for sale is my 5W and four hybrids, all very good shape. Only a handful of rounds, mostly some range time. Ping G425 Max 5 wood Tensei Orange AV Stiff standard loft/lie (adjustable) standard length Golf Pride MMC grips +3 wraps stock head cover SOLD. $245 shipped in the CONUS OBO Ping G425 4H, 5H, 6H, 7H (4H and 5H are sold) all Tensei Orange CK stiff standard loft/lie (adjustable) standard length Golf Pride MMC grips +3 wraps stock head covers $195 each shipped in the CONUS OBO Package deals encouraged!
  11. SOLD SOLD SOLD Purchase new (a few at a time) through Carls, shipped direct from Srixon. This is a classic case of me buying clubs for the swing I was going to have, but the reality is that much of that rust on my swing is permanent so I've gone to the head cover side of things. I really like the Recoil 95s - I had SF i95 (R) in a set of i210s and the feel is similar but the Recoil seems to be a bit more damped. Not wet noodles, and all my other clubs are stiff shaft (even my 7H). Condition is very good - please see the pictures, taken today (2Oct). Very few rounds in the bag, mostly short irons at the range. Srixon ZX7 6-AW Recoil 95 F3 + 1/4" long standard lie/loft Golf Pride MMC grips, +3 wraps $650 obo shipped in the CONUS.
  12. T300 compared with the new XL Halos
  13. In addition, some people are more realistic about their abilities and accept that age and wear/tear can take you to a place where lessons won't necessarily save the cat. The Halo XLs are great clubs. Terrible for the ego, great for the ball flight...
  14. Recently tried some XL Halo irons. If the Gs are cheat codes, the Halos are like having DeepMind play the game for you. Stoopid-easy to hit. Haven't got a round with them yet, but if the range is any indication there will be less cursing on the course...
  15. I don't think an intentional mis-hit would be a good plan. I just got the 8i and DW after first trying the 9i then PW. I find that hitting ball first and taking a reasonable divot works fine - these clubs will take some turf if you strike that way. fwiw I don't find these to be "long" at all. In fact they are shorter (on good strikes) than my ZX7s. The big difference though is that getting off the sweet spot with the XL doesn't really penalize you much. It still goes straight and about as far. So these are much more about consistency than extra length. Will get them on the course next week and we'll see how I score but I'm betting it'll go in the right direction.
  16. Same guy consults for political campaigns as well...
  17. Yes, that is an XL Halo 9i. It is pretty stupid-easy to hit. I ordered up the PW for grins. I have an F9 3H and love the rails but that currently is on hiatus, hitting 5W instead. My other hybrids are G425 and I like them a lot so no real incentive to swap to the Halo XLs in longer irons. I am also curious about the rails on the Halo XL though - I bet they are easy to hit.
  18. a little yin/yang for this topic. When I strike the ZX7 right, it is awesome. The best ZX7 strike goes longer than the SGI club (even though the SGI is 2 degrees stronger loft). But out of 10 swings, the average for the SGI club is longer and higher. So it becomes a set of percentage, perception, and performance questions. Will (or can) I spend the time necessary to get the ZX7 "good strike" percentage up high enough? Will my ego subconciously sabotage SGI swings? What is the break point for switching - 50% good outcomes? 75%?
  19. One other iron to hit - XL Halo. Since TXG was invoked, watch their video hitting it vs the T300. And for a yin/yang moment, XL Halo vs ZX7 (which may be worth hitting as well). Oddly enough for me a well struck ZX7 shot goes further then Halo despite being 2 degrees weaker. But inconsistent swings get penalized much less with the Halo. So depends how consistently you hit your irons.
  20. Similar story - some decades back with a young back I carried a wooden 2W, then 1i and 3-PW and a putter. The 1i was mostly a tee club as I was never sure what zip code the wood was heading to. But I could hit the 1i usually dead straight about 220. Those days are long gone though...
  21. I'm going to try an almost iron-less bag. So driver, 5w, then 4-7 hybrid. I love the 7H, and yesterday hit it a few times choked down and partial swing for what would typically be about a 9i shot. Love my 55 and 60 Eye2 wedges, so going to add a CBX2 48* and an XL Halo 9i to finish things. Will be 11 clubs, but actually can go 10 by changing loft on either the 5H or 6H and using one or the other.
  22. I have a 48* coming to experiment with (currently 46 and 51), then go 55 and 60. I don't mind partial swings so that gap doesn't bother me much. I find the 55 to be ideal for sand and a fair amount of chipping, the 60 is if I need elevation. All of them are fine full swing down to chip but it really depends on how you play. Some people really like consistent gapping.
  23. IME changing delivery location will just delay it further.
  24. I'm a sweeper and found the ZX7 to fit better for me than ZX5, likely due to the narrower sole. Ymmv.
  25. They are really light though - iirc 62g in stiff. That’s about 30g lighter than my current graphite iron shafts, not sure I could time that. But life is an experiment…
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