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  1. I think my plan will be to hold out and hope the pricing for the launch pro will be in a solid area with good features. It is tempting everyday waiting not to just try to scoop up a gc2 or even a quad.
  2. Looking at a high end putter and located two from the seller Clicksticks on ebay. Just going off the rating it appears to have a lot of positive rep. Anyone here has used them before or can say its legit?
  3. looking for this putter in 35, 34 would work also. https://www.scottycameron.com/archives/putters/2007/limited-release/teryllium-ten-newport-2/
  4. ISO: Callaway MD5 46* wedge Raw finish
  5. I have no issues shipping to Canada, send me your zip code in a PM and what item you looking at to talk with me
  6. I pmed you, and will send closer pictures of face etc. Played half season down here in FL in softer turf.
  7. Some great Callaway items up for sale!! Message me for any questions! Apex Pro 21 4-PW standard L/L/L with tour issue dynamic gold x100's - $SOLD shipped Apex MB 18's RAW finish 4-PW standard L/L/L with tour issue dynamic gold x100's - $SOLD MD5 RAW wedge set 50 deg 10S, 54 deg 12X, 58 deg 8T, standard L/L/L with tour issue dynamic gold x100's - $SOLD (dog not included in sale) pin 8/23
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