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  1. Something I’ve been working on for a while now.. my out to in is anywhere from 8 to 14 degrees, which of course caused me to slice... I could never correct that, so I’ve been playing with pulling down more with my trailing elbow tucked whole flexing my lead wrist. Seems to be working out. My shots have straightened out and I’m getting good distance. Can’t figure out why though. Anyone else have this problem.
  2. Great review! I signed up for the GG online program, and I would like to speed it up by taking a lesson from Mark. How are you hitting the ball these days? Still coming along nicely?
  3. Who here has taken lessons with him or one of his affiliates? What was it like? It seems like he has a very unique teaching style, and I am curious about trying him out. Any feedback much. appreciated!
  4. This came across my FB ads today, and I am tempted to try it. I told myself no more training aids, but I can see how this one would be good for someone like me who is struggling with tempo and lag. Has anyone else heard of this or tried it? https://lagshotgolf.com/special#tmp_divider-83884
  5. Well, I am currently participating in one of his clinics, and I was sure to book a private with him a couple weeks beforehand to see if I could get some early homework from him before the clinic. I am very glad I did things this way. I kept a journal before the clinic and knew what I wanted to work on going into it, and I was taking notes all day today to make sure I could remember as much as possible. You should know that he drops A TON of knowledge during these clinics, and you won't be able to remember everything. Just know what you want to work on going into it, and take advantage of th
  6. I really want this to be the case. It’s just taking my concentration off my swing. > @aenemated said: > I dunno man, I personally don't think there's too much to the grip. Take a stance, let your arms hang down, clap your hands together and there's your grip. > > "Strong grip" I think of as a misnomer and a bandaid.
  7. This is my first season playing after over 10 years of not even touching a club. Got myself hitting the ball fairly well, but I’m struggling with hooking and slicing. Clean contact in general... I keep going back to grip because the teacher I’ve been working with has been trying to teach me to grip differently. His method is basically a strong grip with an inner lock, which isn’t too far from what I used to do, but there’s a difference in how he’s teaching me to use pressure on index finger and thumb with my top hand, that pinching sensation is odd for me. I’ve been trying to figure o
  8. Hey Monte, I just started watching your vids, and I would like to take some lessons with you. How do I got about booking one with you? I'm here in Torrance, and I can drive down if you have any weekday openings. > @MonteScheinblum said: > > @jcolton said: > > > @MonteScheinblum said: > > > Expand? It’s hard to make swing changes with driver because all of our swing faults are misperceptions on how to create speed. So hitting driver just perpetuates the faults. > > > > > Are you saying that swing changes should be worked on with irons, a
  9. Well, I ended up getting a Taylor Made M6. I tried every club mentioned in this thread, but I could'nt argue with the data. I was hitting the TM further and straighter than the others. It ended up costing me $300, but I am happy with it.
  10. To be honest, I've been out of the game for years, and I'm just now getting back into it. The best reference point I have for a 3 wood that agrees with me is that ping serene I mentioned. I just figured that there are so many clubs out there these days, I may find one that I hit even better. I'm not really partial to any one brand, and I'm open to new or used. > @thevaporz said: > Why do you refuse to buy online? 99% is legit if you just go to the reputable sites or buy off ebay or BST ads (with a sharp eye). If you have questions about any clubs in particular you find online ju
  11. Ahhh, I see.... Thanks for clearing that up. > @red5standingby said: > Regarding discounted name brand clubs at Dick’s and other big box stores they are not knock offs or bad quality like a starter set such as TopFlite. Callaway, Taylor, Cobra etc will make clubs specifically for them. Those clubs are using tech that is a couple of generations old. They get no marketing from the manufacturer, no pros on tv playing them, no custom options besides stiff or regular flex and older components. The RBZ black driver from Taylor would be a good example. Just a titanium head with a
  12. I’m thinking about getting one of these.
  13. The crazy thing is that I can really smoke the ball with that club. I don’t really know the difference between that club and one made for men, the shaft length seems the same. If I see one of those in the used section, I might just buy one. Amazing club. > @Yarra said: > > @wrongfairwayagain said: > > I’m shopping for a new 3 wood, and I’m not sure which way to go. As funny as it is to admit, the best ball contact I’ve made in a while is the a used ping serene 3 wood, which is a women’s club. Gonna hit some stores tomorrow to see what I find. What are your favorite fa
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