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  1. New one coming out July 1st- Looks like an old mustang- really cool!
  2. I used to love this thread for all of the releases. Some years i was a member and some not. But this year 90% of the posts have been complaining about service and what not. I get it. The Scotty site is garbage but all of the complaining has really taken away from this thread.
  3. That fujikura Tour Spec is a 2x4! I have never swung such a stiff shaft in my life! GLWS!
  4. They are back up on the Canadian site this morning!
  5. So the NBA ones are already gone but now this one is up:
  6. This is super cool- but not cheap! B
  7. Completely agree- just not much there
  8. Master headcover is out already- Cheaper too at $80 CAD
  9. I actually find this a bit of a letdown for Masters Release. Very simple design
  10. And they just posted another new one:
  11. I bought a demo Copper in November. Love buying demo lefty putters as they are always brand new. Didnt come with a cover so i have a good excuse!
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